Welcome to Steve’s Food Blog, a site dedicated to publishing restaurant reviews, delving into different cuisines, analyzing local and regional food trends, and encouraging discussion of these and other subjects.

Primarily devoted to Restaurant Reviews, Steve’s Food Blog works in conjunction with two older sites, with the full list here:

  • Steve’s Food Blog has an Index of restaurant reviews which can be accessed by the menu bar at the top of this and other pages or on the Restaurant Index
  • OKGourmet is the previous web site which contains most of the Older Reviews (dated 2015 or earlier)
  • Steve’s Gastronomic Home Page went on line in 2005, and has a few older reviews that did not get listed in the Comprehensive Index (the Gastronomic Home Page reviews are all from 2011 or earlier)

Currently the reviews are concentrated in these areas:

There are also a number of reviews for the following:

A new feature to the site is a list of “places to try.”  With vivid memories of the “old days” when I would travel to different cities and have my eating experiences based on blind luck and an occasional AAA travel guide, I think the existence of online reviews and other tools now available will make the compilation of this list a worthwhile endeavor. The Restaurant Guide is the first draft, and I solicit reader’s suggestions for any restaurants which should be included. The list should include the best restaurants for regional specialties as well as the best in a variety of cuisines (but largely excluding very expensive special occasion restaurants unless they represent a regional specialty). The initial list covers the Southwestern United States and a few other states I was able to compile (mainly because I started my research while Urbanspoon.com was still online, and this web site allowed statewide searches of the types of restaurants I include on the list).

I would be remiss if I did not mention my special interest in Chinese and Mexican food (and others are not far behind).  The blog will include articles about restaurants as well as the food itself.

The humble beginnings of this food blog can still be seen on Steve’s Gastronomic Home Page (which went on line in 2005). Steve’s Food Blog holds to the same tradition of being non-commercial and offering readers my honest opinions (and hopefully providing useful information along with it).

Disclaimer: My opinions are offered “as is,” and are not warranted to be error-free. If you rely on my opinions you do so at your own risk. They are, however, guaranteed to be my opinions.

(A Less Tongue-in-Cheek Disclaimer): I will attempt to correct inaccuracies about restaurants whenever possible, although this will only apply to the date of the review (please check with the restaurant or other web sites for updated information on the menu, hours, prices, etc.).

Please feel free to comment on any articles and make your opinions known.


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1 thought on “Welcome

  1. Dear Steve,
    Karam’s Mexican Dining Room of San Antonio had the absolute best Tex-Mex in the country.
    My parent’s invented the style that chefs tried to copy without much luck.
    All over the country to this day when I say I’m from San Antonio, strangers will ask me if I ever ate at Karam’s. Of course they go crazy about the food when I tell them who I was lucky to be.
    My dad started me in the kitchen and I know the secrets to the taste of our food.
    I miss a Deluxe Dinner as much as the next person.
    Thank God I can whip one up when necessary..
    I’m glad you enjoyed our place.
    I loved it and miss it every day.

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