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  • Date indicates the most recent update of the restaurants listed
  • Bold indicates my recommendations; others come from what I consider to be good sources


Belle’s Chicken Dinner House–2002 N. Clack St. (American) Lunch Thu-Sun, dinner Thu-Sat.  Primarily serves fried chicken and chicken fried steak with bottomless sides. Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)

Don Luis Cafe–3370 N. 1st St. (Cuban) Closed Tue.  Also serves Mexican food, but the Cuban is what most reviewers like. Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)

Krua Thai–790 S. Leggett (Thai) Open Daily.  Reviewers think it is excellent. Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)

Mian Bistro–6410 Buffalo Gap Rd. (Chinese) Open 11 am to 9 pm (closed Mon).  Said to be authentic (Szechuan has authentic dishes but much of the menu is not). This is also more home style while Szechuan is more upscale. Map (Dining room is open 12-27-22)

Szechuan–3425 S. 1st St. (Chinese) Open daily until 9:30 pm (9 pm on Sun).  Very good Chinese, but it’s even better if you get one of the authentic dishes. Szechuan chicken with black bean sauce is very good. Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)

The Shed Market–7925 Buffalo Gap Rd. (BBQ) Lunch only (closed Sun & Mon).  This is said to be a top tier barbecue restaurant (it is primarily a meat market but they sell BBQ for lunch until they run out). They open at 11 am until sellout (usually 2:30  to 3 pm).. Brisket is probably the most popular meat, but everything is said to be good. Map (Dining room is open 12-27-22)

Note: Also see listing for Buffalo Gap


Midpoint Cafe–305 Historic Route 66 (American) Open 8 am to 4 pm (closed Mon & Tue).  Located at the midpoint of Route 66, but despite these “tourist trap” credentials it has good reviews. BLT, hamburgers, and pie are popular. Map (Dining room is open 10-25-22)


Albany Beehive–517 US 180 W (Steakhouse) Lunch Tue-Fri; Dinner Thu-Sat (closed Sun & Mon).  Known for its steaks and chicken fried steak, but has chicken, seafood, sandwiches, etc. that reviewers say have good flavors. Note: Perini Ranch in Buffalo Gap is generally regarded as being better if you are just going for the steaks. Map (Dining room is open 10-30-21)


El Jalisiense–1915 E. Main St. (Mexican) Open daily 5 am to 10 pm.  Authentic taqueria style Mexican food, but has a very diverse menu. Some say for breakfast, though, go to Juanita’s. Map (Dining room is open 12-22-21)

Helena’s Home Cooking–1103 S. Reynolds St. (Mexican) Open daily 6 am to 2 pm.  Reviews are good and people say it does not taste like the other restaurants in town (tastes home made and people like the flavor). Map (Dining room is open 12-22-21)


Alicia’s–708 E. Gallego Ave. (Mexican) Breakfast & lunch only (Wed-Sat only).  Breakfast burritos are very popular. Green chile is spicy. Map (Dining room is open 1-30-22)

Reata–203 N. 5th St. (Steakhouse) Closed Sun & Mon (and closed from 2 pm to 5 pm).  Steakhouse that also has some Mexican dishes. This is a branch of Reata in Fort Worth–this one is not executed quite as well but is still worthwhile (according to reviewers). Map (Dining room is open 1-30-22)


Asian Spicy–5641 E. Amarillo Blvd. (Thai & Lao) Closed Mon.  This is the highest rated Thai restaurant I can find in Amarillo, and also has Lao dishes (papaya salad, beef strips, laab, chicken wings). It looks more refined than the other Asian restaurants in this part of Amarillo (although Super Bowl Noodles is also refined and has very good food, but I just can’t put every restaurant on this list). Map (Dining room is open 4-16-24)

Bangkok–5901 E. Amarillo Blvd. (Thai) Closed Wed.  Very good Thai food, and some describe it as “home style” Thai (I think this is a good description). The building is old, so go for the food and not the ambiance. Cash only (no checks or credit cards). Map (Dining room is open 11-13-23)

Big Texan Steak House–7701 E. Interstate 40 (Steakhouse) Open daily 10 am to 10:30 pm.  I used to eat here, but then found other restaurants that I thought had better steak. Now all the others are closed (but I found Hoffbrau as a replacement). I heard an interview with the owner of Big Texan on the radio, though, and he was reminding people that at Big Texan it is not just the food but the experience that draws people. Many locals eat here, and many tourists come to see what the Texas culture is all about. The tourist trap gimmick here is that you can have a 72 oz. steak for free if you can eat it in one hour. I (and the owner) say to just come here to enjoy the steak and don’t worry about the gimmicks. The steak in Amarillo is locally raised and worth experiencing. Map (Dining room is open 4-16-24)

Calico County–2410 Paramount Blvd. (American) Open daily except Sun evening.  Older reviews said this was a good place for steaks. Current reviews say it is an American restaurant with an interesting menu and good food (it may have steaks but the reviews do not say). Chicken fried steak, turkey and dressing (special on Sundays), chicken pot pie, catfish are some of the choices. Map (Dining room is open 4-16-24)

Delvin’s–1300 N. Hughes St. (Soul Food) Open 11 am to 6 pm Tue-Sat.  Recommended by Gil’s Thrilling and Filling Blog (although he says there are other soul food restaurants in town that seem to be good as well that he did not get to try). Yelp says fried chicken, catfish, and BBQ are all excellent. Everyone seems to like the Coca Cola cake. Map (Dining room is open 4-16-24)

El Tejavan–3801 E. Interstate 40 (Mexican) Open daily except Sun evening.  Authentic Mexican (not Tex-Mex). I highly recommend it for breakfast, except for the fact that it does not open until 8:30 am (Yelp says it is now 10:30 am, but the location at 3420 W. Interstate 40 opens at 8:00 am). Map (Dining room is open 4-16-24)

Golden Light Cafe–2906 SW 6th Ave. (Hamburgers) Closed Sun.  Located on a section of historic Route 66, I added it to the list because of a review on Gil’s Thrilling and Filling Blog. Gil liked both Corbin’s Harley burger and Tamara’s green chili cheeseburger. Like Gil, I have found that you can get an excellent GCC (the hip abbreviation for the green chile cheeseburger) east of New Mexico in large part because of the excellent beef served in areas where it is produced (in my case I enjoyed the one at Bricktown Brewery in Okla. City). The one at Golden Light comes with two certified Angus beef patties. The Harley burger is also notable because of the caramelized onions that come with it. Map (Dining room is open 4-16-24)

Green Chile Willy’s–13651 S. I-27 (American) Closed Sun & Mon. Known for its chicken fried steak, but also has steak, hamburgers and chicken. They can put green chile on anything (including fries), and customers especially like the CFS with green chile (also comes with the traditional white gravy if you wish). I think the green chile is New Mexico style. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)

Hoffbrau–7203 W. Interstate 40 (Steaks) Open Daily.  This is not a fancy or high end steak house, but it is steak with real flavor and which I believe comes from local sources. Map (Dining room is open 4-16-24)

Sabaidee–3318 S. Georgia St. (Lao) Closed Sun.  Reviewers like the Thai food, but has Lao food (and sticky rice). Map (Dining room is open 4-16-24)

Shwe Myine Thu–5625 E. Amarillo Blvd. (Burmese & Thai).  Its sign is written in Burmese and has Burmese food, but some Thai dishes are also available. Prices are about $5 for a plate as of 2022. Map (Dining room is open 11-13-23)

Somali Bulsho–2380 Fritch Hwy. (Somali) Open Daily.  Small restaurant about a mile north of Amarillo Blvd. that has better ratings than Somali African Safri (which is also said to be good). The only caveat here is that the food is said to be “fiery” (I think you have a choice about whether it is this way or not)  Map (Dining room is open 4-5-23)

Tyler’s BBQ–3301 Olsen Blvd. (BBQ) Open 11 am to 7 pm–11 to 6 on Sat (closed Sun & Mon).  Well regarded BBQ. Ribs are recommended. Map (Dining room is open 4-16-24)


A Little Taste of Heaven–1309 W. Broadway St. (American) Closed Sat & Sun (and closed 2 to 5 pm).  Diner food, but not everything is greasy spoon food (has some healthy options). Burger, chicken salad, and strawberry shortcake are recommended. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)

Buddy’s Drive In–106 E. Broadway St. (American) Closed Sun & Mon (and closed from 2:30 to 5 pm).  Featured on the “Texas Bucket List” as a place that is very popular with locals and about which multiple generations have fond memories. Steak fingers are the specialty. Map (Dining room is open 4-24-23)

El Potrillo–1001 N. Main St. (Mexican) Open 6 am to 2 pm (closed Sun).  Highest rated Mexican restaurant in Andrews. Reviewers say breakfast burritos and huevos rancheros are very good. Map (Dining room is open 9-23-22)


Five D Steak House–8 N. Main St. (Steak House) Dinner only (closed Sun & Mon).  Popular because the cuts of steak are large, and that they are “aged correctly, cut correctly, and seasoned correctly.” Porterhouse may be the most popular steak. Map (Dining room is open 10-25-22)


O.S.T.–311 Main St. (American) Open daily except Tue evening & Wed evening.  The Sterns said this is one of the best places in the country for chicken fried steak. Map (Dining room is open 3-11-23)


Gasthaus Berliner Bear–2510 N. St. Marys Rd. (German) Lunch Tue-Sat; dinner Fri & Sat.  Authentic German food (owner is from Germany). Schnitzel is the specialty (and said to be very good). Map (Dining room is open 12-16-21)


1836 Cafe–509 N. Pecan St. (American) Lunch Wed-Sun; breakfast Sat & Sun.  People say the food tastes home made. Mainly known for its burgers & pies (and biscuits & gravy for breakfast). Map (Dining room is open 9-6-21)


Miller’s Smokehouse–300 E. Central Ave. (BBQ) Serves breakfast to 11 am; then switches to BBQ menu and open to 3 pm (closes 8 pm Thu-Sat).  This is generally considered to be one of the best barbecue restaurants in Texas. Brisket is especially popular, but ribs and pulled pork are also said to be excellent. Banana pudding is another must try. Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)


Junction Cafe–102 Castleberry Cr. (American) Open 8-2 Mon-Wed, 8-8 Thu-Sat (closed Sun).  Reviewers like just about everything served breakfast and lunch. I think the big draw here is the chicken fried steak, which they say is some of the best anywhere. Map (Dining room is open 6-24-22)


Josie’s Kitchen–18 Main St. (American) Closed Sun & Mon.  Very highly rated food. Diners say food is fresh and not fried or fast food style. Hamburgers, reuben, french dip sandwich, and desserts are popular (but everything here is said to be good). Map (Dining room is open 1-8-22)


Bamboo House–413 N. Main St. (Asian) Closed Sun evening & Mon (and closed 3-5).  Like many small town Asian restaurants, this place serves Chinese, sushi, Thai, Vietnamese, and probably some other types of food. Unlike many of its counterparts, though, Bamboo House apparently does all of these very well. It sounds as if the owners are actually Thai, and people were particularly complimenting the Thai food, but many other things receive compliments as well. Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)


Borger has two barbecue restaurants whose reviewers say is the best in town.

  • Hipshots has good ribs, banana pudding, a spicy bbq sauce, and burritos made with bbq meat. (Dining room is open 1-30-22) Map
  • Southern Rage BBQ has good brisket, pulled pork, pig wings, and a sweet and tangy sauce. (Dining room is open 1-30-22) Map


Mac’s BBQ–1903 S. Bridge St. (BBQ) Closed Mon.  This was the “other” BBQ joint in town (The Spread, which is now closed, was considered along with Mac’s to be the two top contenders). Compared to The Spread Mac’s was said to have less choice of meats, a better choice of side dishes, good desserts (banana pudding), and more choices other than BBQ (such as chicken fried steak). Some say the sauce is weak here (thin and not very tasty). I would say, though, that in Texas the sauce is of lesser importance than with other types of BBQ. Mac’s changed owners in about 2015, and since then the reviews have been good (I think better than before). Map (Dining room is open 8-11-21)


LJ’s BBQ–1407 W. Main St. (BBQ) Open 11 am to 3 pm Wed-Sat. Brisket and brisket mac & cheese are good choices. Other meats are good too, but brisket is rated by critics as some of the best in Texas. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)


Bavarian Brauhaus–109 N. Main St. (German) Dinner only (closed Sun).  Specializes in schnitzel (comes in various variations with different sauces). Reviewers say it is very good. Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)

Chicken Oil Co.–3600 S. College Ave. (Burgers) Closed Sun evening.  Good hamburgers, but I think the main attraction is the building (good college ambiance). Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)

El Sol de Mexico–705 N. Texas Ave. (Mexican) Open daily 6 am to 10 pm.  Authentic (serves aguas frescas). Reviewers say food is excellent. Some say the tacos are special. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)

J Cody’s Steaks and BBQ–3610 S. College Ave. (Steaks & BBQ) Open daily except Sun evening.  I have read that this is the successor to Tom’s Bar-B-Que (a BCS institution for barbecue which I was able to try). BBQ ribs, t-bone and rib eye steaks, and cornbread are particularly recommended. There are mixed reviews on the brisket (I think it depends on when you go). Map (Dining room is open 12-16-21)

Kluay Kluay Thai–3203 Freedom Blvd. (Thai) Open Daily.  Reviewers say it is high quality Thai (like food served in big cities) and that lunch specials are a very good deal. Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)

Taqueria Poblana–3200 Boonville Rd. (Mexican) Open 7 am to 4 pm (closed Sun).  Real deal Mexican food that specializes in tacos al pastor. Located in a gas station–I think the only tables are outdoors on the patio. Map (Tables are available 9-23-22)

Buffalo Gap

Perini Ranch–3002 FM 89 (Steakhouse) Lunch Fri-Sun; dinner Tue-Sun.  Serves chuck wagon style food (and grilled over mesquite wood). Winner of multiple awards and recommendations for its steak (the atmosphere of being on a ranch also helps). The owner recommends the rib eye but has other cuts available, as well as chicken and catfish. About 1 mi. w. of Buffalo Gap. Map (Dining room is open 4-3-22)


Hayashi–1607 N. Travis Ave. (Japanese) Closed Sat.  Big city style Japanese food (owner used to have a restaurant in Houston). Will prepare items off the menu for an authentic meal. Map (Dining room is open 8-20-21)


Canadian Restaurant–402 N. 2nd St. (American) Breakfast & lunch daily; dinner Mon-Fri.  People traveling through say the food is so good they almost don’t want to get back on the road. Most customers go for breakfast but lunch seems to be equally good. Interesting note: Google Maps says the cuisine is Canadian so maybe what everyone likes here is the back bacon?? Map (Dining room is open 4-5-23)


Buff’s–2201 4th Ave. (American) Open 7 am to 8 pm (7-3 on Sun).  I have to give a plug to a restaurant named for the Buffaloes because my sister went to school here, but also the restaurant gets very good reviews. Burgers are said to be cooked right, and has an optional version with pork green chile. Peach fried pies are a favorite. Chicken fried steak is also a favorite (reviewers seem to like this better for lunch & dinner and Ranch House Cafe for breakfast, but both are good for both meals). Map (Dining room is open 12-22-21)

Ranch House Cafe–810 23rd St. (American) Open daily 7 am to 3 pm.  Most popular for breakfast, where you get the standards you would expect in West Texas (pancakes, chicken fried steak, omelets, etc.). Most reviewers say the weak point is the coffee. Map (Dining room is open 4-5-23)

Sayakomarn Thai & Lao–421 16th St. (Thai) Closed Sun (and closed from 3 to 5 pm).  Green curry is a favorite of reviewers. Lao style sticky rice is available on some plates (and may be available on others by request). Map (Dining room is open 4-5-23)


Garibaldi’s–136 N. Main St. (Mexican) Open 11 am to 2 pm (Tue-Fri only).  This is a buffet that serves Tex-Mex. Reviewers like the food, but they say the hot green verde salsa makes it especially worthwhile. Good variety of choices including both spicy and mild enchiladas, chile relleno, baked chicken, and sopapillas. Map (Dining room is open 4-5-23)

College Station

Shiraz Shish Kabob–110 Dominik Dr. (Middle Eastern) Open daily 11 am to 10 pm.  Serves Turkish and Persian dishes (mostly kabob dinners–does not have Ghormeh Sabzi but does have a vegetarian version of Khoreshteh Gheymeh). Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)

Taz–2416 Texas Ave. (Indian) Closed Tue (and closed from 2:30 to 5 pm).  South Indian restaurant that has dosa and a large variety of South Indian dishes. Map (Dining room is open 4-3-22)

Twisted Noodle Cafe–2418 Texas Ave. (Asian Fusion) Closed Mon (and closed from 3:30 to 5:30 pm).  Serves ramen and stir fried noodles–menu is limited but it is very popular with the locals (especially college students) apparently because of the bang you get for your buck. Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)

Copperas Cove

Yongs–310 Cove Terrace Shopping Center (Korean) Closed Mon. This is a market and restaurant (comments are very good for their Korean food). Everything is made from scratch, and the owners say if you want vegetarian they can put tofu instead of meat in some dishes. It sounds as if other special requests can be honored as well. Bulgogi (beef) is their most popular item. Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)

Corpus Christi

Ginger Cafe–7009 S. Staples St. (Middle Eastern) Open daily except Sun evening. Lebanese cuisine. Menu has vegan and vegetarian dinners. Reviews seem to be best for the meat items, but they also seem to do the small things right such as the hummus. Map (Dining room is open 12-16-21)

Linda’s–4033 Gollihar Rd. (Tex-Mex) Open daily except Sun evening.  Breakfast tacos, puffy tacos, enchiladas with green sauce, carne guisada are very popular. This seems to be a favorite place with locals. Has freshly made flour tortillas which are particularly popular. Map (Dining room is open 12-23-21)

Little Manila Lumpia House–2124 Waldron Rd. (Filipino) Open 10:30 am to 9 pm (closed Sun).  Pancit and Shanghai lumpias are recommended. Very cheap, but since it is a small family run business the service is slow when there are a lot of customers. Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)

Salt Water Grill–2401 Cimarron Blvd. (Seafood) Open 11 am to 10 pm (closed Mon). Popular place for fried fish and seafood. Ask for the fresh catch of the day. Map (Dining room is open 12-16-21)

Snoopy’s Pier–13313 S. Padre Island Dr. (Seafood) Open daily 11 am to 10 pm. Popular for fried fish, fried shrimp, fish & chips. Many recommend the mahi mahi. On the waterfront with a good view. From different sources I think this is probably the top choice for fried shrimp. Map (Dining room is open 5-17-22)

Thai Cottage–5830 McArdle Rd. (Thai) Closed Sun (and closed from 3 to 5 pm). Reviewers recommend ginger chicken and stir fried dishes. Most say the curries are not as good. Downscale atmosphere (tables are crowded, etc.). Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)

The Blue Clove–5884 Everhart Rd. (Seafood) Dinner only (open daily).  Recommended items include snapper with pesto sauce, pecan crusted snapper, butterfly shrimp, mahi mahi. Also has Mexican food and Mexican style seafood. Some say it is as good as the upscale restaurants at less than half the price. Map (Dining room is open 12-16-21)

Vietnam–701 N. Water St. (Vietnamese) Closed Sat lunch & Sun (and closed from 2 to 5 pm). Large menu, and specializes in Vietnamese seafood dishes (such as shrimp soup in a tamarind broth and a number of fish dishes). Lemongrass chicken is popular. Seems to have a lot of menu items you don’t find elsewhere (such as hot pot). Called a “quiet restaurant with a nice wine collection.” Map (Dining room is open 5-17-22)

Z Counter–1220 Airline Rd. (Asian Fusion) Open daily 11 am to 9 pm.  Mainly Filipino and Korean food (the fusion seems to be serving different national cuisines together rather than making them non-authentic or Americanized). Green onion pancakes are quite popular. For Filipino food the pancit is especially recommended. Map (Dining room is open 12-23-21)

Note: for Mexican seafood it looks as if the best bet is La Playa in Port Aransas


Collin St. Bakery–401 W. 7th Ave. (Bakery) Open Daily.  Known for their fruitcake. Has cookies–cherry icebox, cinnamon vanilla. Their locations on I-45 and Bellmead (Waco) serve sandwiches but reviewers say the bakery is the main reason to come. Map (Dining room is open 5-2-22)

Corsicana Garden–111 Northwood Blvd. (Chinese) Closed Sat & Sun.  Some indicate they have authentic dishes–dumplings are available and the menu includes salty fish (but I don’t know if it is the Chinese style salty fish). What is obvious, though, is that the food is fresh and flavorful, so it looks worthwhile whether authentic or not. Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)


Mimsy’s Craft Barbecue–1979 S. 5th St. (BBQ) Open Tue-Sat (dinner Wed-Sat).  Texas Monthly recommends boudin made with brisket, and Thrillist recommends turkey or chicken. Mac & cheese with poblano peppers is said to be a good choice for a side dish. They provide free beer if consumed on the premise. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)


Hodie’s BBQ–701 US 87 S. (BBQ) Closed Sat-Mon.  Reviewers like the BBQ (brisket, sausage, & chicken are popular). Place is small and cramped, though (about 12 tables). Peach cobbler is recommended. Map (Dining room is open 4-5-23)

Jasmine Thai–805 Tennessee Ave. (Thai & Chinese) Closed Sat & Sun (and closed from 2 to 5 pm).  Although it has a good rating I don’t think it is a destination Thai restaurant, but a change from steak, BBQ, Mexican, and fried food which are mainly the choices available. Menu is limited-they have pad thai, beef noodle soup, and fried rice (the rest of the menu is sushi and Chinese food). This restaurant does not use MSG. Restaurant is not on the highway, but is almost directly in front of Hodie’s BBQ and across the railroad track. Map (Dining room is open 4-5-23)

XIT Woodfire Grill–119 Cypress Dr. (Steakhouse) Open 11 am to 9 pm (closed Sun).  I would say steaks are the specialty because this is in the heart of steak country and the taste is likely to be very good. Chicken fried steak is said to be good. Has BBQ, chicken, fish, burgers, and Mexican food (which I think is Tex-Mex style). Located at the south end of town in front of the Holiday Inn Express and across the railroad track. Map (Dining room is open 4-5-23)

Note: There are about 8 Mexican restaurants in town. El Paisano (Map) looks the best overall from the reviews. La Pasadita (Map) looks like a good backup to El Paisano (but the chile relleno & enchilada do not have good reviews). All the taquerias look good if you want tacos, burritos, etc. (9-10-21)


Whistle Stop Cafe–904 US 287 Bus. (American) Open 6:30 am to 2 pm (closed Sat & Sun).  All the food gets good reviews, but may be best known for chicken fried steak and chicken fried chicken. Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)

Del Rio

El Patio–1206 E. Gibbs St. (Mexican) Open daily 7 am to 7 pm. The specialty is enchiladas suizas (which in my experience have always been good when they are done the right way, and reviews say they are). It is pretty clear, though, that this is not authentic Mexican food, but Tex-Mex. Map (Dining room is open 4-3-22)

La Hacienda–330 Pecan St. (Mexican) Open daily to 7 pm (8 pm on Sat).  Has consistently good reviews. Mole is popular. Many items seem to be Tex-Mex style, but people say they are better than at the other restaurants. Map (Dining room is open 5-2-22)


Cotton Patch Cafe–500 N. US 75 (Southern) Open Daily.  Has all the Southern favorites including chicken and dumplings (which seems to be particularly recommended). Note: this is a local chain in the north Texas area. Map (Dining room is open 5-2-22)


Flippers Coastal Seafood–628 FM 517 W (Seafood) Open Daily.  Has Cajun style seafood, which reviewers say is very good. Map (Dining room is open 12-9-21)


Sazon–1315 S. Dumas Ave. (Mexican) Breakfast & lunch Wed-Mon; dinner Wed-Fri.  Mostly burritos and gorditas, but with a wide variety of fillings. Has champurrado on the drink menu. Map (Dining room is open 11-13-23)

Eagle Pass

Molcajete–143 Ford St. (Mexican) Breakfast Tue-Sat; lunch Tue-Fri.  According to reviews this is probably the best Mexican food in Eagle Pass. Daily specials are recommended if it is something you want, but go early because they sometimes run out. Some examples of specials I saw were guisado on Tue and enchiladas nortenas on Wed, Has tacos and street food, but is more than just street food. Map (Dining room is open 5-2-22)

Note: Piedras Negras does not necessarily have better quality food but there are more options there. Some PN restaurants (9-3-21):

  • El Jalisquillo-Open daily 8 am to 10 pm. Large menu, patrons enjoy the atmosphere. Has upscale food if you want it.
  • El Tecu–Breakfast & lunch only.  Excellent ratings for breakfast.
  • La Pesca Sinaloense–Open daily.  Specializes in seafood.
  • Tacos Chava–Open daily except Sun lunch.  Specializes in street tacos (soft tacos).
  • Tacos Kike–there are two restaurants a block from each other. Kike No. 1 is closed Tue and Kike No. 2 is closed Sun.  Known for the crispy tacos and their specially seasoned hamburger meat.

El Campo

Prasek’s Family Smokehouse–29714 US 59 (BBQ) Open daily except Sat evening. Chopped beef sandwich, chicken, kolaches, homemade pies. Reviewers say the selection and quality of kolaches is second to none. For smoked meats the selection here is also very impressive. Mainly does retail sales of meat, though, and the restaurant is secondary. Junior’s in Wharton also has a Czech-Texas combination of food, but seems to specialize in sausage. Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)


Hruska’s Bakery–109 W. Hwy 71 (Kolaches) Open daily 5 am to 9 pm.  Many say this is the best place to stop for kolaches between Houston and Austin. Also serves burgers. Map (Dining room is open 1-8-22)


McMillan’s Bar-B-Que–9913 US Hwy 59 N (BBQ) Lunch only (closed Mon)–open to 6 pm Fri & Sat.  Many say this is the best BBQ they have found in Texas, even if they have been to Franklin’s, City Market, or Black’s. Ribs and brisket are the most popular meats (but the owner likes to recommend brisket or the rib eye steak). This is in a small town east of Goliad, though, so it doesn’t have the following that the other places do (not all reviewers agree that it would be deserved, but many do, and it is interesting that they make the comparison to these icons of Texas BBQ). Meat is cooked with a combination of mesquite, pecan and oak. Map (Dining room is open 5-2-22)


The BBQ Shop–1300 Ave. A South (BBQ) Lunch Wed & Thu; Dinner Fri.  Looks like a destination BBQ place for brisket and banana pudding. Other items are said to be very good as well. Map (Dining room is open 4-5-23)

Fort Stockton

B’s Family Dining–101 N. Main St. (American) No hours listed, but apparently it is lunch only.  Reviewers recommend the cheeseburger with green chile, BLT, and chicken and dumplings (among other items). Map (Dining room is open 6-22-22)

Chila’s–634 N. Alamo St. (Mexican) Open breakfast & lunch (closed Mon).  Said to be authentic Mexican food, but it is very low brow (burritos, etc). Reviewers say the breakfast burritos here are excellent. Map (Dining room is open 1-30-22)

Comanche Tortilla Factory (Mexican).  Known for its hand made tamales. Factory has been open for a number of years and they use family recipes. Map (Takeout only 9-23-22)

Mi Casita–405 E. Dickinson Blvd. (Tex-Mex) Lunch Tue-Fri; Dinner Tue-Thu.  Not authentic Mexican food, but gives a good taste of Tex-Mex. Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)


Auslander–323 E. Main St. (German) Closed Wed.  Reviewers say it is not as good as Der Lindenbaum, but has a better beer selection. Many people get steak. Side dishes are good. For German food most people recommend the sausages, Reuben, or other sandwiches. Map (Dining room is open 1-8-22)

Der Lindenbaum–312 E. Main St. (German) Closed Tue (closed Mon & Tue in winter).  Jagerschnitzel is recommended. I think it has some of the best sauerkraut I’ve ever had. Visa and Mastercard are not accepted (most people pay cash). Map (Dining room is open 6-22-22)

Eaker Barbecue–607 W. Main St. (BBQ) Open Wed-Sat 11 am to 3 pm.  On the Texas Monthly list of top 50 barbecue restaurants in Texas. Texas Monthly says meats are solid but what they like most are the Korean ribs. Some reviewers on Google Maps say they like the Korean ribs but the best item is the sliced brisket, and this sells out early. In both cases I think they are happy with the other BBQ that is available, and they say to get the banana pudding. Map (Dining room is open 5-17-22)

Hill Top Cafe–10661 N. US 87 (Southwest & Greek) Closed Mon and closed from 2 to 5 pm.  Locally run–popular but can have problems with service when there are too many customers. People like to get a mixture of Greek and Cajun influenced dishes. Map (Dining room is open 1-8-22)

Otto’s–316 E. Austin St. (German) Dinner daily 4 pm to 10 pm (also 11 am to 2 pm on Sun).  Doesn’t take reservations and there is a frequent wait to get in. Upscale food–German, but modern style. Come here for what some say is the best food experience (not necessarily traditional German style, and particularly not “tourist style” German). Duck schnitzel is an example of the nontraditional dishes served. Map (Dining room is open 5-17-22)

Quintessential Chocolates–251 W. Main St. (Chocolate shop) Closed Wed.  Sells Swiss style chocolate, and is known for the ones filled with liquor inside. Has a paper thin “sugar shell” that also makes the chocolates unique. Map (Takeout only 6-27-22)


Sarah’s on the Square–115 W. California St. (American) Lunch only; lunch & dinner on Fri (closed Sun & Mon).  Besides the high ratings, the most impressive feature here is the variety of menu choices available. Some items mentioned are Santa Fe chicken & green chile stew, chicken fried steak, Reuben on pumpernickel, German potatoes, beef ribs, chicken spaghetti. Map (Dining room is open 1-8-22)


BLVD Seafood–2804 Ave. R 1/2 (Seafood) Open daily 11 am to 9 pm. Good reviews for a wide variety of seafood. Bar atmosphere (loud) but good food. Reservations recommended for dinner. Some say you can get the same food for half the price at other places, but the good thing about this restaurant is that you know the seafood is locally sourced. Map (Dining room is open 4-16-24)

Darlene’s Shrimp Shack–1727 61st St. (Seafood) Open 11 am to 8 pm Fri-Sun only.  Sells shrimp out of a food truck and you eat it on picnic tables or take it with you (it is not a restaurant). This is the place to go, though, if you want fresh fried shrimp (I do not know if some of the restaurants get their shrimp fresh every morning as Darlene’s does). Map (Takeout only but they have covered picnic tables 12-9-21)

Gaido’s–3828 Seawall Blvd. (Seafood) Open daily (open until 9 pm-10 pm weekends).  Upscale, has fresh seafood. May be a little hyped, but the sports bar (Nick’s) is cheaper and has the same chef (see my listing). Popular items include oysters (especially Rockefeller and parmesan, red snapper, and fried shrimp. Located right on the ocean. Map (Dining room is open 8-6-22)

Miller’s Seawall Grill–1824 Seawall Blvd. (Seafood) Open daily 8 am to 8 pm.  Known for its seafood, but mainly the fried items (and strangely the reviewers do not think the fried shrimp is all that great). One item that is possibly even more popular is the chicken fried steak (this is on the list of the top ten CFS in Texas by Wide Open Eats). Breakfast CFS with eggs and hash browns is the most popular here. Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)

Nick’s Kitchen and Beach Bar–3802 Seawall Blvd. (Seafood) Open Daily.  This is the more casual version of Gaido’s (it has the same chef). However, the menu is not the same–Gaido’s has many traditional versions of seafood while Nick’s tends to have the fried or Cajun versions. This might be one of the better places in Galveston for fried shrimp. Map (Dining room is open 8-6-22)

Pho 18–704 Holiday Dr. (Vietnamese) Closed Sun.  Reviewers say it is more expensive than the other pho restaurants in town, but also better (compares to the Houston restaurants). Map (Temporarily closed 12-9-21)

Rudy & Paco–2028 Post Office St. (Seafood) Closed Sat lunch & Sun (and closed from 2 to 5 pm).  Upscale restaurant with Central American style seafood. Has fried shrimp, but it’s better known for things such as pistachio crusted sea bass. Map (Dining room is open 6-24-22)

Shrimp N Stuff–3901 Ave. O (Seafood) Open Daily. Fried shrimp, cole slaw, gumbo. Has large crowds but they can handle it. This is a neighborhood place (downscale). There is a second location at 216 23rd St. Map (Dining room is open 12-9-21)

Viet Cajun–8910 Seawall Blvd. (Vietnamese) Closed Sun evening & Tue.  Reviewers say it is excellent for the Vietnamese food, the freshness of the seafood, and the unique style of citrus garlic crawfish. Has some Cajun items but they do not get the raves that the Viet and Viet flavored crawfish do (except for the fact that the seafood is so fresh). Very casual–prices are not nearly as high as some of the more well known seafood restaurants. Map (Dining room is open 8-6-22)


Baker Boys BBQ–1404 N. Sarah Dewitt Rd. (BBQ) Open 10 am to 6 pm–10 to 4 on Sat (closed Sun).  On the Texas Monthly list of the top 50 barbecue restaurants in Texas, and reviews support this designation. People like all of the meats served (brisket, ribs, turkey, etc.). Some say the brisket and ribs are the best they have ever had and some find minor imperfections in them, but I think this would be true of any top quality barbecue. Map (Dining room is open 9-3-21)

Gonzales Food Market–311 St. Lawrence St. (BBQ) Open 10 am to 6 pm (closed Sun & Mon).  Some say this is better barbecue than in Luling. The brisket here is not what most people recommend, though (because it does not have a heavy rub). Many say get the ribs, chicken or sausage. Has lamb but some find it gamey. Map (Dining room is open 12-9-21)


Nu Dang Pho–185 FM 1903 (Asian) Closed Sun & Mon.  Number one restaurant in town by Grub Hub customers (but in Jan 2022 it is takeout only so this would be popular with Grub Hub users. Has Vietnamese, Thai, Lao, and Korean food. Map (Takeout only 1-13-22)

Smokehouse & Market–2810 Johnson St. (BBQ) Open 10:30 am to 6:30 pm (closed Sun).  Very good reviews, but it has two camps of followers: those who like the brisket, and those who like the hot links and sausage (and I’m sure some people like all of these). Map (Dining room is open 1-13-22)

Harker Heights

Opa’s Schnitzel Haus–1608 FM 2410 (German) Open Wed-Sat (closed from 2 pm to 4 pm).  Jagerschnitzel, strudel for dessert (seems to be known for its schnitzels). Note: moved from Wichita Falls. Map (Dining room is open 5-3-22)


Hill Country BBQ–27004 Hwy. 6 (BBQ) Lunch only (closed Mon); open to 7 pm Thu-Sat.  Real Texas BBQ. Brisket and banana pudding are said to be the best items. Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)


Taqueria Jalisco–628 W. 1st St. (Mexican) Open Daily.  Menu looks interesting–has chile verde (with green chile) and enchiladas (with red sauce) as well as other dishes that look good. Map (Dining room is open 4-5-23)


A Taste of Laos–1001 Enterprise Blvd. (Lao) Closed Thu (and closes at 6 pm weekdays).  Lao restaurant just s. of Waco. Reviewers say everything is delicious. Reviewers rave about the egg rolls (and they probably mean the spring rolls as well)  Map (Dining room is open 9-13-22)


R & K Cafe–103 N. Waco St. (American) Open daily except Sun evening.  This is one of the highest rated restaurants in town on Yelp–known for the meat with 3 sides. Spanish omelette is recommended for breakfast. Note: this is a local chain in the north Texas area. Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)


Carbonero–1524 11th St. (El Salvadorian) Closed Sun.  One of the highest rated restaurants in Huntsville. Rotisserie chicken is said to be very good (and pupusas). Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)

Farmhouse Cafe–1004 14th St. (Southern) Open daily except Sun evening.  Those who like it say it is a very good place for chicken fried steak, fried chicken, and other home cooking style food. Those who give negative comments still actually like it, but say it is not any better than many other places. Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)

Holy Smoke (formerly New Zion Missionary Baptist)–2601 Montgomery Rd. (BBQ) Open Thu-Sat 11 am to 6 pm.  Ribs, Sweet Potato pie (McKenzie’s may be better for brisket). Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)


Panchitas–101 Prairie (Mexican) Open 6 am to 2 pm; dinner on Fri only (closed Sun).  Reviewers say the food tastes home cooked, and the few who found their way to this small town south of Monahans say this is a real gem.  Green enchiladas are especially recommended, but everything is said to be good. Map (Dining room is open 4-16-24)


El Bodegon Cubano–2621 Main St. (Cuban) Open 8 am to 7 pm (closed Sun).  Reviewers say the choices are limited but are very good. Cuban sandwich is a popular item. Map (Dining room is open 12-23-21)

Terry’s Thai–2700 Main St. (Thai) Closed Sat & Sun (and closed from 2 to 5 pm).  This seems to have the best reviews of any Thai restaurant in the Corpus Christi area. Reviewers say it is authentic. Map (Dining room is open 12-23-21)


Herd’s Burgers–401 N. Main St. (Hamburgers) Closed Sat evening & Sun.  Small burger place that has been operated by the same family for over 100 years. Featured on The Burger Show which shows how the ground chuck is smashed and cooked on a grill that has been in use for 60 years (they think this is one of reasons the burger is so good). The only other things served are chips and drinks (no fries). Cash only. Map (Dining room is open 1-8-22)


Billy’s Old Fashion BBQ–1601 N. Main St. (BBQ) Open Daily.  Reviewers say the setting is very basic but the food is very good (food is served in to-go containers). Sliced brisket and rib sandwich are recommended. Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)

Son Asian Bistro–610 W. Gibson St. (Asian) Closed Sun evening & Mon.  Serves several Asian cuisines. Reviews are good for Thai and Vietnamese, but not so good for the Chinese food. Map (Dining room is open 9-6-21)


Joseph’s Riverport BBQ–201 N. Polk St. (BBQ) Lunch only (closed Mon & Tue).  Said to be one of the best BBQ places in TX. Ribs, brisket, sausage. Brisket seems to be especially good. Map (Dining room is open 1-13-22)

Johnson City

Hill Country Cupboard–101 US 81 (American) Breakfast & lunch only (open daily).  The Sterns said this is one of the best places in the U.S. for chicken fried steak. Map (Dining room is open 3-11-23)


Lum’s BBQ–2031 Main St. (BBQ) Open Daily.  Texas Monthly rates it as one of the top 50 BBQ restaurants in the state. Has all the standard Texas BBQ, but turkey, sausage, and pork loin are especially recommended by reviewers. Map (Dining room is open 6-22-22)

The Honey Bean–1502 Main St. (Coffee) Closed Sat afternoon & Sun.  Mobile truck that sells coffee, tea, and pastries. However, this is no ordinary coffee & tea but is very good, has an interesting variety with daily specials, and is not expensive. Map (Outdoor picnic tables are available 6-22-22)


Mary’s Tacos–1616 Broadway St. (Mexican) Breakfast & lunch only (open daily)–closes at 12 pm on Sun.  Taco restaurant that does not have an extensive menu, but it has good meats, authentic sauces, and home made tortillas. Breakfast tacos, burritos, and carne guisada are recommended. Map (Takeout only-this is the way they always operate 12-9-21)

Thai O’cha–417 Water St. (Thai) Open daily (closed from 2:30 to 5 pm). People say it is Thai food that is comparable to the restaurants in Austin or Houston. More dishes are recommended on the reviews than many Thai restaurants have on their whole menu. Green curry is recommended. Map (Dining room is open 4-16-24)

Note: Thai Bistro also has good reviews but its main strength seems to be in having dishes not usually found such as coconut ice cream. 1201 Broadway. Map

Yeo-Bo’s Cafe–804 Water St. (Korean) Lunch only (closed Sat & Sun).  Stone bowl, bulgogi, and beef soup are said to be good choices. Map (Dining room is open 12-9-21)


Country Tavern–1526 FM 2767 (BBQ) Closed Sun. Ribs are specialty, but brisket & turkey are also outstanding. West of town toward Tyler. Many say this is one of the best or the best BBQ place in Texas. Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)


C & H Hawaiian Grill–412 N. Ft. Hood St. (Hawaiian) Closed Sun. Reviewers say it is excellent Hawaiian food. For many the chicken is their favorite (katsu or teriyaki). Kalua pork and ribs are also very good. Note: also operates Toa’s Ohana Hawaiian Restaurant in Copperas Cove. Map (Dining room is open 5-3-22)

Peking–1310 W. Stan Schlueter Loop (Korean) Open Thu-Sat only.  The most positive reviews are from people from Asia or who have been to Asia and say the food here is the same. It really specializes in Korean food, but also has Chinese food on the menu (which people say is pretty good as well). Map (Dining room is open 1-8-22)

Tex-Rican–1026 S. Fort Hood St. (Puerto Rican) Lunch only (closed Sun).  Reviewers say it is “down to earth home cooked food,” and “excellent with true Boricura flavor” (along with a number of similar comments).  Note: Hierba Fresca is another highly rated Puerto Rican restaurant in town. Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)

Note: this list seems to be just scratching the surface of the ethnic food available in Killeen and the area around Fort Hood.


El Dorado–704 N. 14th St. (Mexican) Open daily except Sun evening (opens at 6 am).  Highly rated Mexican restaurant that serves plate dinners (is not a taco place or hole in the wall). Map (Dining room is open 5-3-22)

Spice Station–1030 E. Lott Ave. (Pakistani) Closed Sat evening & Sun.  Former gas station restaurant that now has its own building. Reviewers say is authentic, flavorful, and spiced just right (but served on paper plates with plastic forks). Map (Dining room is open 3-11-23)

La Grange

Weikel’s Bakery–2247 W. Hwy 71 (Kolaches) Open daily 5 am to 9 pm.  Cherry kolaches are recommended. Also has sandwiches & groceries. Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)


Eve’s Cafe–521 E. 3rd St. (German) Lunch Mon-Sat; dinner Thu-Sat. Good schnitzel, reuben, & pastries. Side dishes are said to be of equal quality as the main items. Map (Dining room is open 8-20-21)


Comida Caribena–2819 San Bernardo Ave. (Cuban) Open noon to 7 pm Tue-Sat; noon to 5 Sun (closed Mon).  Reviewers say it has authentic Cuban food. Map (Dining room is open 5-3-22)

Danny’s–4320 McPherson Ave. (Mexican) Open daily (opens at 7 am).  Serves typical Mexican food representative of the Laredo area (this is one of multiple locations). Mole is probably the best bet. I think this is probably not the best food in Laredo, just the best example of the “old style” Tex-Mex Laredo food. Many like it mainly for breakfast. Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)

El Meson de San Augustin–908 Grant St. (Mexican) Lunch only–closes at 4 pm (closed Sun & Mon).  Pechuga de pollo relleno. From the photos this looks authentic and is a place I would want to try. Map (Dining room is open 6-22-22)

Las Kekas–3914 McPherson Ave. (Mexican) Open 11 am to 6 pm (closed Mon).  Specializes in keka, a Mayan dish like a gordita. Authentic food from a region of Mexico not often represented by US restaurants. Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)

Palenque Grill–7220 NE Bob Bullock Loop (Mexican) Open Daily (open to 11 pm–1 am Thu-Sat).  Authentic north Mexican style food in an upscale setting. Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)

Pho Oi–2348 Monarch Dr. (Vietnamese) Open Daily.  Laredo is not known for Asian food, but reviewers say this is authentic and good flavored. Vermicelli bowls are recommended. Map (Dining room is open 5-3-22)


Leona General Store–136 Hwy 75 (Steaks) Dinner only (Thu-Sat only). Serves steak, chicken, pork, and catfish. Texas Bucket List recommends the steak dinner that comes with mashed potatoes, rolls, and salad. Order the size of steak you want. It is so popular you should expect a wait for a table (they have seats available while you wait). Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)


Snow’s BBQ–516 Main St. (BBQ) Sat. only (open 8 AM until the meat runs out).  Reputed to be some of the best BBQ you can get. Ribs are the favorite, but some say the turkey is equally good. Beans are a good side dish. Note: Texas Monthly reports that the lines have become almost impossible because of Snow’s publicity around the world, so many might want to look for other alternatives. Map (Dining room is open 4-16-24)


Loco’s–603 W. Waylon Jennings Blvd. (Mexican) Open daily except Sun evening.  Good ratings, and has classic northern Mexican/ Tex-Mex dishes (carne guisada, flautas, chile relleno, etc.). Map (Dining room is open 9-3-21)

Super Antojitos–715 Hall Ave. (Dessert) Open Daily.  Looks like a better than usual place to get Mexican desserts (ice cream, churros, etc.). Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)


Cooper’s BBQ–604 W. Young St. (BBQ) Open Daily. Meat cooked in pits–select what you want. Many consider the brisket to be best (but all meats are popular). Map (Dining room is open 4-16-24)


Black’s BBQ–215 N. Main St. (BBQ) Open daily 10 am to 8 pm (8:30 Fri & Sat).  Beef ribs & brisket are best, chicken is good, burnt ends are excellent, cherry cobbler and slaw are excellent (prob. better than Smitty’s). Some say it is a little overrated but the best thing about it is the atmosphere (it is over 100 yrs old). Map (Dining room is open 5-17-22)

Kreuz Market–619 N. Colorado St. (BBQ) Open daily 10:30 am to 8 pm (6 pm on Sun).  Legit Texas BBQ (like the other two in town) but this one serves it without sauce. Brisket is probably the best choice. Sausage is also popular. Map (Dining room is open 5-17-22)

Smitty’s Market–208 S. Commerce St. (BBQ) Open daily until 6 pm.  Brisket, ribs, sausage. Map (Dining room is open 5-17-22)


Bodacious Bar-B-Q–2227 S. Mobberly Ave. (BBQ) Open 11 am to 7 pm (closed Sun & Mon).  Reviewers say this is excellent BBQ. Comments say most items here are better than at other places they know, but there is little consensus about what is the best thing to order here (everything is good). Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)

Lil Thai House–212 N. Fredonia St. (Thai) Open 11 am to 2 pm (closed Sat & Sun).  Reviewers say the food is authentic and delicious (it’s worth seeking out despite the restaurant’s limited hours, maybe even more than the BBQ). Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)

Ramen Saikou–1426 McCann Rd. (Japanese) Open daily 11 am to 8 pm.  Good reviews (it may not be up to Dallas standards but it seems to be close). Good variety of ramen. Also has bao. Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)


Abuelo’s–4401 82nd St. (Tex-Mex) Open daily 11 am to 10 pm (open to 11 pm Fri & Sat).  I remember eating at what I think was the original Abuelo’s at about 50th and Slide near the Mall. It has since grown into a multi-state chain, and is no longer at the original location (or at least the old location), but they have given me plenty of reasons to come back. I was impressed with the way it progressed past just being a Tex-Mex restaurant–it offered several very authentic styled Mexican dishes that were very good (including carnitas tacos). I also liked the enchiladas with New Mexico green sauce. When the pandemic hit, though, they dropped all of my favorite items from the menu. As of July 2022 I do not see any of these items back on the menu (but I’m keeping Abuelo’s on the list in case these come back). Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)

Aloha BBQ–9810 Indiana Ave. (Hawaiian) Closed Mon. Casual, fast food style rest. with Hawaiian plate lunches (the one in El Paso is very good). Map (Dining room is open 5-3-22)

Beijing House–3605 50th St. (Chinese) Closed Sun.  I found it very difficult to find authentic Chinese food in Lubbock, but Beijing House has a few dishes that look promising including shredded pork with garlic sauce and some noodle dishes (such as lo mein and mei fun). Map (Dining room is open 1-13-22)

Cagle Steaks–8732 4th St. (Steaks) Dinner only (closed Sun & Mon).  Only serves rib eyes, but they are excellent.  One of the few steaks I have tried in west Texas that lives up to the hype. Map (Dining room is open 1-13-22)

Choochai Thai–2330 19th St. (Thai) Closed Sat evening & Sun. Very small hole in the wall with very good curries. When you order it spicy they are not shy in making it that way. Map (Dining room is open 1-13-22)

Donut House N Oriental Cafe–6309 66th St. (Cambodian) Open 5 am to 8 pm (closed Mon evening).  Donut shop that serves Oriental food (some of it is Khmer style). Oriental food is available for “lunch and dinner” (I think the 5 am opening time is only for the donuts). Map (Dining room is open 1-13-22)

Flippers Tavern–1406 Ave. Q (Hot Dogs) Closed Sun.  Gourmet hot dogs including vegan. Texas Bucket List likes the banh mi hot dog with coconut milk and curry. Customers like the craft beer. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)

Joel’s–3116 Amherst St. (Tex-Mex) Breakfast & lunch only (closed Mon).  Small neighborhood rest. that is the “go to” place for many locals. Map (Dining room is open 1-13-22)

La Sirena–2610 Salem Ave. (Latin American) Dinner only (closed Sun & Mon).  This is supposed to be a more healthy version of Mexican food, and the menu changes according to what is fresh and in season. Has mole and other Mexican food, but the food is prepared differently than in a typical Mexican restaurant. Peruvian chicken and green chile chicken pot pie are examples of the menu items available (but most items are Mexican). They majority of reviewers say they enjoy the food. Map (Dining room is open 1-13-22)

Linda’s Cafe–1901 W. Loop 289 (Filipino) Closed Sun.  Reviewers say it has top notch home cooked style Filipino food. Pancit seems to be the most popular dish. Map (Dining room is open 1-13-22)

Market Street–3405 50th St. (Deli) Open Daily. Located inside United Supermarket.  This is a fantastic place for take-home, or you can eat it in the store. Has a soup bar, salad bar, sandwiches, pizza, etc. Map (Deli is open 1-13-22)

Rain Cafe–2708 50th St. (American) Open daily 5:30 am to 3 pm. Diner type food that is very popular, buy they say service is not always good.  Get hamburger, chicken fried steak, etc. Map (Dining room is open 1-13-22)

Saigon Cafe–4515 50th St. (Vietnamese) Open 11 am to 7:30 pm (closed Sat evening & Sun).  This place has been consistently good for a number of years.  Good place for Vietnamese food novices (as I was when I first went) because they have pictures of all the dishes on the wall (and there is a quite large selection of dishes). Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)

Thai Kitchen–2302 Texas Ave. (Thai) Open 10:30 am to 9 pm (closed Tue).  A new place that opened in 2016, and which many say has replaced their previous favorite Thai restaurant. Pad thai is recommended, but also green curry and a variety of soups and noodle dishes. People say the flavors here are especially good. Map (Dining room is open 1-13-22)

Vizo’s–3131 34th St. (African) Closed Sun.  Good reviews for a type of food that was not available in Lubbock previously but opened in 2019. I don’t think it matters what you order–everything gets good reviews. Map (Dining room is open 9-23-22)

Note: Lubbock has many good eats, some of them in unexpected places (such as United Supermarket). Most Mexican, Chinese, and Italian that locals have said are good have been disappointing to me. I think there are good steaks other than Cagle’s, but I haven’t tried them and can’t recommend a specific one. Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse is not listed on “Steve’s List,” but it was interesting because you can talk to the other people around the table. It is hard to go wrong with any sandwich or lunch places in Lubbock. Josie’s was good for breakfast burritos. I found some really good smoothies near the Texas Tech campus, but I don’t know the names of specific ones. Lubbock had the last remaining Harrigan’s that I knew about–it is now gone but it shows that Lubbock keeps good restaurants going long after they fail in other cities.


City Market–633 E. Davis St. (BBQ) Open 10 am to 6 pm (closed Sun).  Many say it’s better than Lockhart. Brisket, ribs, & sausage. Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)

Marble Falls

Blue Bonnet Cafe–211 US 281 (American) Open daily except Sun dinner (open for breakfast).  Chicken & dumplings (served as a special), chicken fried steak, pot roast, pie. Regular menu seems to have better reviews than breakfast. Map (Dining room is open 1-8-22)


Cochineal–107 W. San Antonio (International) Dinner only (open Thu-Sun).  Serves “modern” style food. Web site says it is casual fine dining. Has a seasonal menu. Has good reviews. Probably too expensive for my list, but this is probably a destination restaurant that many will think is worth the money. Map (Dining room is open 1-30-22)

Convenience West–1411 W. San Antonio St. (BBQ) Open 5 pm to 9 pm Fri & Sat only.  A less expensive alternative to the upscale restaurants that has very good reviews (brisket seems to be its specialty). Has a veggie option that people also say is good. Try the blue maize cornbread or the Mexican style street corn salad. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)

Note: out of the the four restaurants on my list in 2019 only two remained in 2021. There are several other options in town and I think most of them are lower priced rather than the “destination restaurants” that were popular earlier.


Big Creek Butcher Shop–606 N. Business Hwy. 6 (BBQ) Closed Sat afternoon & Sun.  Known for its brisket and other BBQ, but a hidden gem here is the sausage made with a recipe handed down from Germany. Map (In store shopping 12-4-21)


Best of Texas BBQ–323 Bailey Cut-Off Rd. (BBQ) Thu & Fri only (10:30 am to 3:30 pm).  Reviewers say brisket is excellent (but go to Bodacious for ribs). Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)

Bodacious BBQ–2018 Victory Dr. (BBQ) Open daily 10 am to 9 pm.  Ribs are excellent, many like the chopped beef. Many think the sides are excellent. Map (Dining room is open 8-23-21)

Central Perks–211 N. Washington Ave. (Sandwiches) Lunch only (closed Sun & Mon).  Healthy food–has a vegan menu.  Specializes in wraps & lunch plates. Map (Dining room is open 8-23-21)

Medina’s–510 S. Alamo Blvd. (Mexican) Open 10 am to 6 pm (closed Sun).  Authentic and home made. Enchiladas have red or green sauce (this is not Tex-Mex food). Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)

Taste of India–304 I-20 E. (Indian) Open daily 9 am to 10 pm.  Punjabi style Indian food that is said to be authentic and very good. Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)


Zur Autobahn–10668 State Highway 22 (about 5 mi. west of town)  (German) Dinner only (Wed-Sat only).  Reviews are consistent, saying that the food tastes authentic and home made. Only seats about 22 people, but because of its location it is not likely to be full. Map (Dining room is open 12-27-22)


Cafe Unique–3303 N. Midkiff Rd. (Venezuelan) Lunch Mon-Sat; dinner Fri & Sat.  Reviews say this gives a true taste of Venezuela, and doesn’t just serve some of the more popular dishes such as arepas. Flavors are said to be bold but not spicy. Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)

I Luv Pho–3303 N. Midkiff Rd. (Vietnamese) Open daily 10 am to 9 pm.  Has excellent reviews if you are looking for Asian food. Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)

King and I–801 N. Big Spring St. (Thai) Closed Sat & Sun (and closed from 2 to 5 pm).  Good Thai food, cheap prices, friendly staff. Building looks like an old Taco Bell. It’s small and gets crowded at lunch (but it’s worth the wait). I liked the pad thai better than the curry, though. Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)

Noodle House–3200 Andrews Hwy. (Chinese) Open Daily.  Specializes in noodles, dumplings, pot stickers, and spicy broth beef soup. Reviewers say, though, to stick with the Chinese food (pho, ramen, etc. do not have reviews that are as good). Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)

Strawberry Fields Cafe–2311 W. Wadley Ave. (Organic) Open 7 am to 7 pm (closed Sat dinner; closed Sun).  In addition to obviously healthy food, it also has some very good brownies. (Located inside Natural Foods Market). Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)

Taqueria El Gallo de Jalisco–1422 Rankin Hwy. (Mexican) Open daily 8 am to 11 pm.  Has Mexican style (authentic) tacos. I have looked at the reviews for some of the fancy Mexican restaurants in town, and it looks as if this restaurant is more worthwhile than the others (tacos seem simple, but reviewers say a lot goes into the ones here). Serves enchiladas with green salsa. Traditionally Odessa has been considered a better city for Mexican food, but this is one place in Midland I would try (it also has a location in Odessa). Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)

Mineral Wells

Jamie’s German Restaurant–1311 US 180 (German) Open Thu-Sun for dinner (lunch on Sat & Sun).  Chicken jager schnitzel, sauerbraten, and rouladen are popular. Map (Dining room is open 1-13-22)


Dream Big Cafe–107 W. Washington Ave. (American) Closed Sat; closed Sun evening; other days closes at 7 pm.  The special item here (and the reason I added it to the list) is steak kabobs. Apparently, though, it is an off menu special and not available all the time. Map (Temporarily closed 4-5-23)

R&H Grill–503 E. State Hwy. 114 (American) Closed Tue (Thu & Sat are dinner only).  Has American standards, but the big seller here is a green chile cheeseburger (Morton is 15 mi. from the New Mexico state line). Also has tacos and burritos (presumably with green chile if you want it). Map (Dining room is open 12-27-22)


T Sandwiches–1122 N. University Dr. (Vietnamese) Closed Sun.  Doesn’t have a large menu, but reviewers say everything is fresh. Menu is pho, banh mi, chow mein, and fried rice. Even so, it seems to be the highest rated restaurant in town. Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)


The Orange Giraffe–212 Clay St. (American) Open 8 am to 2 pm (closed Sat & Sun).  Inside Gibbs Drugstore. Small menu but excellent reviews. Ham & cheese panini and chicken salad croissant are recommended. Has daily specials that can be very good as well. Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)


Ajuua’s–2100 Andrews Hwy. (Mexican) Open daily (open until 11 pm on weekends).  Reviewers like the food but do not like the service. Hoping that this can be fixed, I think it would be worth a shot. Upscale Mexican food. I don’t know if it is related to Ajuua’s in Ciudad Juarez, but if so this would be even more reason to try it. Map (Dining room is open 12-16-21)

Curb Side Bistro–3816 Andrews Hwy. (New American) Closed Sun & Mon.  The Texas Bucket List cited this as being the best restaurant in the state recently, and particularly points to the Tejano Borracho (a ground beef and mushroom patty with pulled pork, queso, jalapenos, and barbecue sauce)–this dish won a James Beard award. Other sliders are also popular including marinated chicken with sriracha sauce. Many like the swine devine fries (covered with cheese) which are a meal in themselves. Map (Dining room is open 6-27-22)

Elva’s Taco Casa–807 Royalty Ave. (Mexican) Open Mon-Fri 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Small place with about 4 tables that everyone says is great (salsas are very good also). Chicken taco is recommended. Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)

Odessa Donuts & Deli–1520 N. Grant Ave. (Cambodian) Open 5 am to 7 pm (closed Sun) apparently the donut shop is always open. Cambodian food is available for lunch and is said to be very good. Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)

Taqueria Guadalupana–1255 S. Grant Ave. (Mexican) Open 8:30 am to 3 pm (closed Mon).  There are two reasons I think this is a good place: (1) I have seen the reviews and photos on Yelp, and (2) it is located south of the Interstate (and is probably more authentic than restaurants on the north side). Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)


Bluebird Fish Camp–102 N. Farragut Ave. (Seafood) Closed Mon.  Doubles as a restaurant and a place where you can launch your boat. Hamburgers and shrimp are popular, but it is known for its Gulf blue crabs. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)

Paint Rock

Four Corner Conoco–22693 US 83 (Indian) Open Daily.  Conoco gas station that has Indian food inside. From a story on Texas Country Reporter it seems to be some of the best Indian food in the state. However, you should make reservations ahead of time for special requests or a larger selection that what is on hand. Can get thali here. Map (Dining room is open 3-11-23)


Mejia’s Bakery–319 W. Foster Ave. (Mexican) Open daily (including breakfast). Authentic Mexican food–specializes in street tacos. Has some interesting looking plate lunches (with red or green sauce). Also has fresh bakery items. Map (Dining room is open 1-5-22)

Yum Yum Thai–1201 N. Hobart St. (Thai) Closed Sun.  Reviewers say the pad thai is good (I don’t know what else they have because this seems to be the only thing reviewers order). Map (Dining room is open 1-5-22)


Asian Kitchen–1302 S. Johnson St. (Asian) Open daily 10:30 am to 9 pm. Has Chinese food–lo mein is said to be good but reviews for other items are mixed. Has Thai food and here the reviews are a lot better (pad thai, pad see ew, tom yum soup, red and yellow curry).  Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)

La Norteña Tamale Factory–211 E. 3rd St. (Mexican) Breakfast & lunch only (closed Mon). Tamales are excellent (worth a detour from the Interstate)–masa is made from ground corn. When I went it was take-out only but apparently it now has indoor dining. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)

Pody’s BBQ–1330 S. Cedar St. (BBQ) Open Tue-Fri 11 am to 2 pm.  Reviewers say BBQ is as good as the ones on Texas Monthly’s “50 best” list. Brisket is the most popular, but they like other meats as well. They usually run out of their best selling meats earlier than the 2 pm closing time. Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)


Taqueria Jalisco–1001 N. Interstate 27 (Mexican) Open daily 7 am to 10 pm.  Mexican style street tacos, enchiladas verdes, etc. Restaurant seems to be very authentic with very little American influence that would change the flavor. This appears to be part of a chain that is in Lubbock, Midland, Roswell, NM, etc. Map (Dining room is open 4-5-23)

Weekends BBQ–1007 Mesa Dr. (BBQ) Lunch Thu-Sun; dinner Thu-Sat (open to 7:30 pm).  Seems to be a destination BBQ place for the panhandle area. Brisket is the most popular meat but chicken and others get good reviews as well. Map (Dining room is open 12-27-22)

Port Aransas

La Playa Mexican Grille–222 Beach Ave. (Mexican) Dinner only (closed Sun & Mon).  Specializes in seafood dishes. Crab and shrimp enchiladas, ceviche, Island Pepper (I couldn’t find out what it was but reviewers say it is excellent). The food is Tex-Mex, but it looks as if you have the option of getting more traditional Mexican style (such as if you order green sauce enchiladas). Map (Dining room is open 12-9-21)

Phoenix–3500 Island Moorings Pkwy. (Seafood) Dinner only (closed Mon & Tue).  Ahi tuna is recommended (Yelp reviewers say get the “tuna stack,” which may be the same thing). Get grilled fish here (not the fried). Some say Roosevelt is more upscale and better (and I suspect more expensive). Reviewers say Phoenix is the most upscale place in town that allows casual attire. Map (Dining room is open 12-5-21)

Port Lavaca

Bayside Seafood–2055 SH 35 (Seafood) Open Daily.  Good reviews for fried shrimp, catfish, etc. Some say grilled seafood is overcooked (seems to be a persistent problem). Has flounder and a good variety of items. Combination or chicken fried rice is Chinese style and is one of the most popular dishes (they say also get an egg roll). I think it is Vietnamese owned (and may have opportunity for other Asian style food). Map (Dining room is open 5-17-22)

Lighthouse Seafood–915 Broadway St. (Seafood) Open daily except Sun evening. The restaurant side of Miller’s Seafood Market. This would be my backup to Bayside Seafood for fried shrimp. The shrimp looks fresh here, but there are not enough reviews that I can confirm this. Map (Dining room is open 12-27-22)

Magic Asian Cuisine–101 N. Commerce St. (Vietnamese) Closed Sat & Sun. Hole in the wall Vietnamese place, and reviewers say this is what makes it good (hand rolled spring rolls, etc.). Pork vermicelli dish and pho are popular. Has fried shrimp & fried catfish. Map (Dining room is open 5-17-22)


Latitude 28’02–105 N. Austin St. (Seafood) Dinner only (closed Sun). Upscale seafood. Some of the things people recommend are oysters rockefeller, crab stuffed mushrooms, and fish oscar. Map (Dining room is open 12-5-21)

Old Fulton Seafood–2828 Hwy 35 N (Seafood) Closed Sun & Mon.  The recommended items here are the local specialties such as flounder and fried shrimp. This is not a romantic, upscale restaurant next to the water, but they do seem to have good food. Map (Dining room is open 12-5-21)

Note: Flower’s Shrimp Market seems to be highly recommended if you want to buy shrimp and take it home to cook. 1119 S. Church St. Map

Round Top

Royers Cafe–105 Main St. (American) Closed Sun evening; closed Mon & Tue.  The Sterns said it has the best pecan pie in the U.S. Map (Dining room is open 3-11-23)


Lowake Steak House–12143 US Hwy 67 (Steakhouse) Closed Mon & Tue.  Known for very good steaks in a country setting. Note: it moved from Lowake to Rowena and has new owners. Most say the steaks are still as good as before, but some do not like the other items (including salad and chicken fried steak). Map (Dining room is open 12-27-22)

Salt Flat

Cornudas Cafe–180 US 62 (American) Open 8 am to 5 pm (closed Tue).  Located between El Paso and the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, and it is the only place to eat on this stretch of road (although there are restaurants off the highway in Dell City). I have passed by many times and it looked closed, but this must have been because it was past its closing time. Reviewers on Yelp say very good things about the food, although the menu is pretty simple (sandwiches, burgers, burritos, eggs and omelettes). Map (Dining room is open 10-28-22)

San Angelo

Armenta’s Cafe–1325 S. Oakes St. (Mexican) Open daily except Sun evening.  Reviews indicate that it is authentic and very good (but I think it also has Tex-Mex for those who want it). Tampiquena steak and other items look authentic while enchiladas with chile con queso looks Tex-Mex). Map (Dining room is open 1-13-22)

Ban Moon–405 W. Ave. N (Lao) Open 11 am to 9 pm (closed Sun).  Reviewers say this is the best Asian food in San Angelo. Spicy pad thai, red curry, drunken noodles are recommended. Many dishes here are familiar to those who know Thai food, but the style seems to be northern Thai or Lao. Map (Dining room is open 1-5-22)

Chang Thai–1527 E. Harris Ave. (Thai) Closed Sun.  Very good reviews (may be the best Asian restaurant in San Angelo). Menu looks like it is northern Thai and/or Lao but doesn’t say specifically that this is the case. Map (Dining room is open 1-13-22)

Donutopia–2563 Sunset Dr. (Cambodian) Open 6 am to 1 pm (open daily).  Cambodian BBQ plate lunch or pho are recommended (but has other Cambodian dishes that look good). Also has a good variety of donuts. Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)

Old Central Firehouse–200 S. Magdalen St. (Pizza) Closed Sun & Mon.  The menu here is simple–pizza and beer (I think they might have some other drinks available). To me the pizza might be mostly something of a novelty–they have varieties such as brisket, Mexican street taco (people put lime on it), and pickle (the owners made it on a whim and found out it was good). There are many local Texas beers on tap. The owners rescued the old Trost designed fire station and use it as a restaurant and hotel. Map (Dining room is open 10-11-21)

Western Sky Steakhouse–2024 N. Chadbourne St. (Steaks) Closed Sun.  Recommended for steaks by reviewers (but other items such as chicken fried steak are not as popular). Map (Dining room is open 12-16-21)


Friends Diner–1008 SW Ave. G (American) Open 6 am to 2 pm (closed Sat & Sun).  I assume this is Mennonite owned. Reviews indicate it has the same kind of excellent home made food I found at a Mennonite restaurant in Kansas. Hamburgers, biscuits, and breakfast items are especially popular, but also has tuna salad, philly sandwich, and other items. Green chile can be added to any dish. Map (Dining room is open 10-28-22)

Pizzeria La Sierra–618 S. Main St. (Pizza) Open 7 am to 8:30 pm (closed Sun).  There is a large Mennonite community in Seminole, and this is a restaurant that was imported from Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua and uses Mennonite cheese that originated in Mexico. Besides pizza, has Mexican food, a breakfast menu, American food, pierogies, daily specials, and a buffet (but web site does not say when they have the buffet). Map (Dining room is open 10-28-22)


Blessings Tea Room–407 E. Idaho St. (American) Lunch only; breakfast & lunch on Thu & Fri (closed Sat & Sun).  Serves sandwiches on fresh baked bread, has plate lunches (not just sandwiches), side dishes include mashed potatoes and green beans, has chicken & dumplings, and side dishes sometimes include fruit such as cantaloupe (seems to have a rotating menu but whatever they have is fresh). Map (Dining room is open 1-8-22)


Mesquite Canyon Steakhouse–6511 US 83 (Steaks) Open 6 am to 9 pm (closed Sun).  Nothing fancy–just Texas style steak that reviewers say is very good and at a better price than you will find in most restaurants. Some reviewers say to skip the chicken fried steak–just get the steak. Located about a mile north of town on US 83. Map (Dining room is open 12-27-22)


La Placita–1015 W. Houston St. (Salvadoran) Closed Sun.  Both Yelp and the old Urbanspoon site rated this a top place in town with consistently excellent food. Pupusas, tamales, plantains, etc. are popular. Map (Dining room is open 1-8-22)

Mariposa Cuban Cuisine–213 E. Houston St. (Cuban) Closed Sun & Mon.  Has good reviews and looks like an interesting restaurant with a cuisine not found in many cities (especially ones this size). Map (Dining room is open 1-8-22)

Mt Everest Grill–2119 Texoma Pkwy. (Nepalese) Closed Mon.  Good reviews. The Nepalese menu has more items than in the restaurants I have been to in OKC, and the Indian menu is even larger. Does not have Nepalese chow mein on the menu, but has “Veg Noodles” which I think might be the same thing. Map (Dining room is open 1-8-22)

Note 1: see 1836 Cafe in Bells

Note 2: Namiku Hibachi used to be the highest rated Asian food in Sherman but it is now in Whitesboro (it is a food truck)

Sierra Blanca

Delfina’s Kitchen–101 E. Octavia St. (Mexican) Open daily except Sun evenings.  Good reviews. Enchiladas have red chile, and its proximity to El Paso probably means the food here will be similar. Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)


Carne Lenta–114 NE 2nd St. (Mexican) Lunch Fri-Sun; Dinner Wed-Sat.  Taco restaurant, but it is said to have some of the best brisket in the state (which they use in the tacos). In addition to the brisket you get the full Mexican style tacos (with queso, guacamole, etc.). Also serves shrimp and other types of tacos. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)


Freedom Ranch–10180 Park Rd. 57 (American) Open daily (breakfast, lunch & dinner).  Mainly a burger place, but has other items such as chicken fried steak, traditional breakfasts, and even black bean veggie burgers (and reviewers say all of these are excellent). Map (Dining room is open 12-27-22)

Spring Branch

Richter’s Antler Cafe–1 Sun Valley Dr. (American) Open Daily.  Reviewers say it has some of the best chicken fried steak in Texas (came in #2 on the list of top ten CFS on the Wide Open Eats web site). Map (Dining room is open 12-9-21)


EJ’s Cotton Pickin’ Dive–410 Lamesa Hwy. (American) Closed Mon evening; closed Sat & Sun.  Reviewer says it has the best chicken fried steak around in a 150 mile radius (although the Sutton County Steak House is in a 120 mile radius so I’m not sure this is true). Map (Dining room is open 4-24-23)


Greer’s Ranch Cafe–190 W. College St. (American) Closed Sun evening & Mon.  Has rather upscale, healthy entrees as well as the standard chicken fried steak and similar items (but these are also high quality). Map (Dining room is open 5-3-22)

Hard Eight BBQ–1091 Glen Rose Rd. (BBQ) Open Daily. Most people like the ribs best, but brisket, chicken, and turkey are also good. This is a good example of real pit BBQ. Also has several locations in the Metroplex. Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)

Jake & Dorothy’s Cafe–406 E. Washington St. (American) Open daily 7 am to 11 pm.  Known for its chicken fried steak, and has been featured on many travel shows as being an iconic example of CFS (is #2 on the list by Texas Country Reporter). Also well known for its breakfast. Map (Dining room is open 12-9-21)


Double XXL Ranch & Steakhouse–7900 SH 152 (w. of Stinnett) May be open dinner only Fri & Sat only. Reservations are required (and you can get directions and hours). Steak is said to be the best many guests have ever had. Has other items (salmon & shrimp has an apricot & jalapaaeno glaze). This is a destination restaurant located out in the middle of the country. Map (Dining room is open 12-27-22)


Mary’s Cafe–119 Grant Ave. (American) Open daily 11 am to 9:30 pm. Chicken fried steak is the specialty. One order is likely enough to feed two people (if you are budget conscious). Wide Open Eats (and others) say this is the best chicken fried steak in Texas. Map (Dining room is open 10-28-22)


Skeet’s Texas Grill–214 SE Georgia Ave. (American) Open 11 am to 9 pm (closed Sun).  Known for having some of the best chicken fried steak in Texas. Other dishes that come with gravy are also popular, as are other meat items such as the steak. Reviewers also recommend the chicken quesadillas. (Also has a location in Merkel). Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)


Mee Mee’s Thai–3550 S. General Bruce Dr. (Thai) Closed Sun & Mon. Most Thai restaurants have their best reviews either for the curries or the noodle dishes. Here, though, it looks as if some of the best items are fried rice, tom yum soup, and steamed dumplings. Fried tilapia in garlic pepper sauce also looks good. Map (Dining room is open 6-27-22)

Pit Stop Barbeque–502 S. 1st St. (BBQ) Lunch only (closed Sun-Tue).  Reviewers say this is legit Texas BBQ (with brisket that is good plain without the sauce, although there is nothing wrong with the sauce). This place is interesting because it also has Korean food (many like to get kimchee with the BBQ). Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)

Saigon Cafe–220 SW HK Dodgen Loop (Asian) Open Daily.  Has several types of Asian food, but the specialty seems to be Malaysian. The down side seems to be that the food is not always prepared properly (undercooked, etc.). If you eat in the restaurant, though (don’t get take-out) any problems can be corrected. Map (Dining room is open 12-9-21)

Thai Cafe–109 W. Central Ave. (Thai) Closed Sun.  Thai restaurant best known for its curry, and is highly rated. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)


El Milagro–210 Ivey Rd. (Mexican) Open 4 pm to  9 pm (Fri-Sun only).  Serves authentic Mexican style street tacos, and has better reviews than other Mexican restaurants in Terlingua. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)

Starlight Theatre–631 Ivey Rd. (Eclectic) Open daily (dinner only).  Texas Country Reporter recommends filet mignon, rib eye, and bowl of red chili. Reviewers on Google Maps also suggest items such as chicken fried antelope, prickly pear margarita, and pecan pie. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)


Eden Bubble Tea–3003 Richmond Rd. (Chinese) Open 11 am to 9 pm (closed Sun). In addition to bubble tea, it has authentic Chinese food (and yes, this seems to be for real). I call this the home cooking type of Chinese food (napa cabbage with meat, noodles, twice cooked bacon, etc.) rather than the more expensive “banquet food.” Located a few blocks north of Interstate 30. Map (Dining room is open 6-27-22)


El Burrito–402 SE 2nd St. (Mexican) Open 7 am to 8 pm (closed Sun evening).  Old school Tex-Mex that I liked because they know how to do this style of food in Texas. Reviewers say the best thing here is the breakfast burrito (but I didn’t try it). Map (Dining room is open 3-11-23)


Athena–1593 W. Southwest Loop 323 (Greek) Open Daily.  Gyros is the most popular item, but also has chicken, etc. Vegetables are prepared Greek style. Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)

Culture ETX–118 W. Erwin St. (American) Lunch Tue-Fri; Dinner Tue-Sat. American food that is high end food in the sense that animals are raised in the forest, lettuce is freshly cut, etc. Recipes are also high end (not the typical American food). Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)

Mikoto Ramen–6611 S. Broadway (Japanese) Open daily (closed from 3 to 4:15 pm weekdays).  Some say it is not as good as Houston restaurants, but most say it is good. Tonkatsu is the most popular ramen. Also serves sushi. Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)

Pho Hot–4903 S. Broadway Ave. (Vietnamese) Closed Mon.  Commenters say it has a huge menu, yet most people order the pho (and a few get pad thai). Some say skip the Thai tea (it is not very good). Map (Dining room is open 3-11-23)

Stanley’s–525 S. Beckham Ave. (BBQ) Closed Sun. Famous for its brisket (you get a choice of lean, fatty, crispy, or burnt ends). Sausage is probably the second most popular item. Map (Dining room is open 12-4-21)

Villa Montez–3324 Old Henderson Hwy. (Latin American) Dinner only (closed Sun). Reviewers say it is Latin American and not Mexican, although dinners include chips and salsa (something not normally found in Latin America, including Mexico). I’m including it because it is upscale and is supposed to have very good food. However, I think this is more because they use good ingredients (such as high quality shrimp and Chilean sea bass) than because the recipes are authentically Latin American (however, anything is possible, and it may be very authentic also). Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)

For other BBQ options, see listings for Kilgore and Longview


Taco Bliss–735 W. Main St. (Mexican) Closed Sat evening & Sun.  Not just tacos, but has plate dinners also. However, the carne asada tacos are one of the most recommended dishes. Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)

Van Horn

Chuy’s–1200 W. Broadway St. (Mexican) Open daily 11 am to 9 pm.  Famous for its John Madden memorabilia (John Madden has stopped here several times on his cross country trips). Serves El Paso style red enchiladas (which I think are better than the Tex-Mex enchiladas to the east, but not quite as good as if you continue west to El Paso). Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)

Mom’s Kitchen–403 Laurel St. (Mexican).  Food in the photos looks like it has red chile like Chuy’s, but with better reviews. This looks like it might be the best Mexican food in town. Map (Dining room is open 1-4-22)

Note: El Capitan Hotel in town also gets good reviews but it is expensive–mostly known for steaks (I’m not sure about the prices but it is not a quick place to eat if time is a concern). Map (8-12-21)


Hickory Inn Cafe–1004 Vega Blvd. (American) Breakfast & lunch Mon-Sat; dinner Thu & Fri, closed Sun. Diner style food with a home cooking taste. Breakfast with chicken fried steak is popular, biscuits and gravy are very good, and it seems that breakfast is the most popular meal. For lunch or dinner they have burgers and chicken, among other things (chicken fried chicken is popular). Peach cobbler is good for dessert. Hickory Inn is on old US 66 at the intersection of US 385. Map (Dining room is open 8-12-21)

Punjabi Dhaba–3650 Interstate 40 (Indian) Open daily 8 am to 10 pm.  Located on the SE corner of I-40 and US 385 interchange. Good reviews (I’m not listing it just because it is Indian food in a small town). Facebook page says they have a buffet all day. Map (Dining room is open 4-6-24)


Brown Cow–3205 US 287 (Mexican) Open daily except Sat evening & Sun evening (and closed from 2 to 5 pm).  Has Mexican food and other items such as chicken fried steak. Most people apparently eat from the buffet, but their favorite is the breakfast buffet. Note: is on the south frontage road of the freeway. Map (Dining room is open 1-30-22)

Toro Japanese–3110 US 287 W. (Japanese) Closed Mon (closed from 2:30 to 4:30 pm).  Food apparently is better than other Asian options, and I don’t see American restaurants in town with a higher rating than this place. Some say the problem is that they use MSG even when you ask them not to (but I am not sure if this is true). Sushi is popular but they have other items also. Note: the Japanese steakhouse in town with excellent reviews seems to have closed about the time Toro opened. Map (Dining room is open 12-16-21)


Mumphord’s Place BBQ–1202 E. Juan Linn St. (BBQ) Closed Sun & Mon.  One of the highest rated barbecue restaurants in Victoria. Brisket is said to be the star but some say it is inconsistent (sometimes dry). Many recommend getting the three meat plate because they like everything served here. Cooker uses a combination of mesquite and oak. Map (Dining room is open 6-27-22)

Noot’s Thai–6360 N. Navarro St. (Thai) Closed Mon. Good green & red curry. Pad thai does not get good reviews. Map (Dining room is open 9-23-22)


Clay Pot–416 Franklin Ave. (Vietnamese) Closed Mon & Tue.  Seems to be the best choice in town for Asian food served in a restaurant (not a food truck). Good reviews for the pho, but has other items such as Vietnamese pork chop. Map (Dining room is open 2-22-22)

Magnolia Table–2132 S. Valley Mills Dr. (American) Open 7 am to 3 pm (closed Sun.).  A project of Chip and Joanna Gaines–frequently has a waiting line to get a table (wait can be up to 2 hours). Some say the food was not really that special, but certain items such as the gravy makes it worth it. Map (Dining room is open 9-13-22)

Pivovar–320 S. 8th St. (Czech) Open Daily.  Czech restaurant inside the Pivovar Hotel. There is an in house brewery, bar, and bakery to provide an “European experience.” Offers a breakfast schnitzel (along with other items), Czech chicken noodle soup (along with sandwiches and salads), and goulash (along with steaks and hamburgers). Map (Dining room is open 9-13-22)

Rufi’s Cocina–1801 N. 25th St. (Mexican) Open 8 am to 3 pm (closed Tue).  Based on the photos on Yelp this is the place I would most like to try, although there are several other Mexican restaurants in Waco that also look good (and are traditional Mexican style–not Tex Mex). This one has Michoacan cuisine. Map (Dining room is open 9-13-22)

The Blasian Asian–720 Franklin Ave. (Cambodian) Open Daily.  Located in the Union Hall Food Court and seems to be the place to go if you want authentic southeast Asian food. Yelp reviews give good tips about what to order–some are that the rice and yellow noodles are very good. Some say the spicy items are over the top with cumin (but not everything here is spicy). Map (Dining room is open 8-6-22)


Walburg German Restaurant–3777 FM 972 (German) Closed Sun evening; closed Mon & Tue.  Has a dining room and Biergarten (outdoor dining) but outdoor seating is the most popular when weather is favorable. Reservations are recommended on weekends, festivals, etc. Popular for its beer, sauerkraut, schweinbraten, and wienerschnitzel. Owner is from Munich and has Munich style veal. Has a buffet Fri night, Sat night, Sun noon, and lunch buffets “when available.” Map (Dining room is open 10-25-22)


Rogue Kitchen–8022 Loop 570 (American) Open Mon-Fri (closed from 2 to 5 pm).  Popular place for people from San Angelo who want something more unusual and upscale than most other restaurants (used to be popular for Sun. brunch but they are currently closed on Sun). Some of their popular items are bugers, brisket queso, steak medallions, mac & cheese, club sandwich, breakfast tacos, and specials or off the menu items such as beignets and German apple cake. Map (Dining room is open 10-28-22)


Oaxaca (WO-HA-KA)–216 Interstate 20 Frontage Rd. (Mexican) Open Daily.  Owners are from Oaxaca and they have some Oaxacan dishes. Much of the menu, though, is Tex-Mex or Americanized. They have mole but I can’t tell if it is really Oaxacan style. For me I think it would be worthwhile to at least stop there and find out if I could get authentic food. Map (Dining room is open 6-24-22)


Picha’s Czech-American–220 N. Main (Czech) Lunch Mon-Sat; dinner Wed-Fri.  Owned by the same family since 1980, and when I ate here shortly after this time it was so good it started my search for Czech restaurants wherever I could find them. This place still serves Czech food, and reviewers say the Czech dinner is recommended (particularly the cabbage rolls, combo plate, etc). What I liked most was the goulash, but I’m not sure it is on the menu any more. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)

Note: There are also some kolache stores along Interstate 35 that are quite popular (but they are not full Czech restaurants).


Junior’s Smokehouse–164 Co. Rd. 467 (BBQ) Open Daily.  Has good reviews for both its old world specialties (sausage and kolaches) and the local favorites of brisket and jerky. Similar to Prasek’s in El Campo in that it gives you a combination of Czech and Texas flavors, but reviewers say Prasek’s has a larger variety of smoked meats and a particularly good selection of kolaches. Map (Dining room is open 10-28-22)

Wichita Falls

El Norteño–110 N. Burnett St. (Mexican) Breakfast & lunch only (open daily).  Mexican street tacos, house made tortillas, gorditas, green enchiladas, breakfast burritos. Taco Tuesdays are popular. Map (Dining room is open 8-6-22)

Hibiscus Cafe–1616 Pearlie Dr. (Greek) Lunch Tue-Sat; Dinner Thu-Sat.  Has a traditional Greek menu (lemon chicken, moussaka, kokkinisto, etc.) at very good prices (if the on line menu is up to date). Reviewers say it has really good food and it is hectic at lunch (when I saw the menu and the prices I can understand why everyone wants to come here). Map (Dining room is open 8-6-22)

Highlander Public House–726 Scott Ave. (Irish) Closed Mon (open to 11 pm Fri & Sat).  Irish pub where the food has very good reviews (shepherd’s pie, fish and chips with malt vinegar, pork chop are recommended). Map (Dining room is open 9-23-22)

Hunan–4516 Maplewood Ave. (Chinese) Open daily 11 am to 9 pm.  In reading reviews of other restaurants I believe there is no Chinese restaurant in WF better than Hunan. I enjoyed the family style bean curd (this is an American style dish, but done very well). The service was very good, the tea was good, and prices were cheap. Map (Dining room is open–still has the buffet. 2-22-22)

Prine’s Barbecue–1209 13th St. (BBQ) Open Tue-Sat 8 am to 6  pm.  Most people agree that this is good barbecue–true Texas style. Many do not think the brisket is the best, but turkey, ham, sausage, chopped sandwich, and banana pudding are recommended. Map (Dining room is open 8-6-22)

Salt & Pepper–2611 Plaza Pkwy. (Greek & American) Lunch Thu & Fri; Dinner Thu-Sat.  Casual restaurant with a nice atmosphere. Some of the menu is legitimate Greek food (not gyros) with Greek salad, bruschetta with a Mediterranean twist, hummus, and volos chicken. Rack of lamb and pork chop are diner favorites (but I don’t know if they are Greek style). Yelp says it is $$$ so it may be more expensive than restaurants that should be on this list (but the cuisine is somewhat unique for Texas). Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)

Texas Underground BBQ–612 7th St. (BBQ) Lunch Wed-Sat; Open to 7 pm Fri & Sat.  Many options for meat, but brisket is the most popular. Ribs are also said to be especially good. Pork burnt ends are something that many BBQ places in Texas do not have. Map (Dining room is open 1-8-22)


Evie Mae’s BBQ–217 US 62 (BBQ) Open 11 am to 3 pm Wed-Sat.  With Texas Monthly proclaiming it the best BBQ in west Texas, it seems worth checking out. Beef ribs are the real prize, but they sell out quickly. Brisket, burnt ends, pork ribs, and sausage are also good, though. Green beans, green chile mac & cheese, and cornbread are said to be top notch as well. Map (Dining room is open 2-5-22)


Helberg Barbecue–8532 Hwy. 6 (BBQ) Open 11 am to 7 pm (open to 8 Fri & Sat–open to 3 pm on Sun)–closed Mon & Tue.  Meat is so good everyone has their own opinion about which is best (but brisket is one of the popular ones). Pork steak is the other most popular meat, but part of its appeal is that very few other BBQ places serve it. Map (Dining room is open 7-26-22)

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Texas Monthly published a list of the top 100 barbecue restaurants in Texas for 2021. The following are the ones in the area outside of the major metropolitan areas:

Top Ten

  • Evie Mae’s Pit Barbecue–217 US 62 (Wolfforth). No 8 in the state. Texas Monthly says this is the best BBQ in west Texas. Beef ribs, brisket, and burnt ends are all good (but the ribs sell out the quickest). Pork ribs are St. Louis style, and German style sausage is popular. Green beans, green chile cheese grits, and cornbread are all recommended. Occasionally they have prime rib dinners (which they recommend). Map Wed-Sat 11-sold out
  • Snow’s BBQ–516 Main (Lexington). No 9 in the state.  This place has become so well known that some sit in lawn chairs overnight to score some of the Q here (and others will be disappointed because they have not calculated how early you need to come). Although Texas Monthly likes the barbecue, they say you can go elsewhere for something just as good with less hassle (such as Franklin BBQ in Austin). Map Sat 8-sold out

The Rest of the Best (No. 11-50)

  • 1701 Barbecue–1701 Calder Ave. (Beaumont).  Judges say it has the best brisket and pork ribs in southeast Texas. Coarse ground sausage and peach cobbler are also worthwhile choices. Map Tue-Sat 11-2 or sold out
  • Miller’s Smokehouse–300 E. Central Ave. (Belton).  Brisket is the star, but if you come early get the breakfast tacos. Map Sun-Wed 7:30-3; Thu-Sat 7:30-8
  • LJ’s BBQ–1407 W. Main (Brenham).  Ribs are usually the first to sell out, but after that good choices are brisket or the brisket mac & cheese (they are glad they got both because if they only had one they would have missed out on a truly great experience). The sauce is also one of the best in the state. Map Wed-Sat 11-3 or sold out
  • Mimsy’s Craft Barbecue–1979 S. 5th (Crockett).  Boudin made with brisket is a perfect partner for its elevated sides such as mac & cheese made with smoked queso and poblanos. Map Tue & Wed 11-3; Thu-Sat 11-8
  • Eaker Barbecue–607 W. Main (Fredericksburg).  Meats are solid, but the owner’s South Korean influence makes it special such as spicy gochujang ribs. Get lemon cookies for dessert. Map Wed-Sat 11-3 or sold out
  • Baker Boys BBQ–1404 N. Sarah De Witt Dr. (Gonzales).  The “holy trinity” is good, but has other options that are not good choices at most restaurants–turkey, chicken, pork loin, chicken legs. Uses charcoal instead of wood for cooking. Banana pudding and chocolate cake are recommended. Map Mon-Fri 10-6; Sat 10-4
  • Convenience West–1411 W. San Antonio (Marfa).  Meats are solid but they especially appreciated the St. Louis-cut ribs with Old Bay seasoning, and the juicy whole chicken (which stole the show). Sides are one of the main reasons people come here. Map Fri & Sat 5 pm-sold out
  • Butter’s BBQ–104 SH 359 (Mathis).  USDA prime brisket, pork ribs, and jalapeno cheese sausage are recommended. Smoked chicken and turkey are also very good, as well as pulled pork and beef ribs. Map Fri 11-sold out; Sat & Sun 9:30-sold out
  • Rejino Barbeque–514 8th St. (Olton).  Has quality smoked meats and novel sides. Brisket, chicken, and banana pudding were all excellent (and still available near closing time). Map Thu-Sat 11-sold out
  • LaVaca BBQ–532 N. Virginia (Port Lavaca).  Brisket and jalapeño corn are especially recommended. (Google Maps reviewers point out that it has five sauces, each of which pairs with certain meats). Map Thu & Fri 11-2; Sat 11-8; Sun 11-2
  • Brett’s Backyard Bar-B-Que–449 W. Cameron Ave. (Rockdale).  Known for brisket but has several types of sausage and other meats, nine sides, and even more choices when you go on Sunday. Map Thu-Sun 11-sold out
  • Hays Co. Bar-B-Que and Catering–1612 S.I-35 (San Marcos).  Brisket stand out, but pork ribs are better than most. Also know for its (alcoholic) drinks. Map Mon-Thu 11-7; Fri & Sat 11-8; Sun 11-4 or sold out
  • Stanley’s Famous Pit Barbecue–525 S. Beckham Ave. (Tyler).  Mother Clucker smoked chicken and baby back ribs are combined with a honky-tonk bar atmosphere to make a community gathering place. Map Mon-Sat 11-9 or sold out
  • Guess Family Barbecue–2803 Franklin Ave. (Waco).  Juicy brisket is so good you might not want to try some of the other standouts here such as a brisket melt with cheddar or some of the daily specials (Tex-Mex on Wed, chicken fried steak on Thu, ribs on Fri, steak on Sat). Map Wed-Fri 11-8; Sat 10-8; Sun 10-4
  • Helberg Barbecue–8532 N. SH 6 (Woodway).  Pork steak, smoked chicken, and sausage were Texas Monthly’s favorites, along with Gouda mac & cheese, collard greens, and banana pudding. Map Wed & Thu 11-7; Fri & Sat 11-8; Sun 10-2 or sold out

Our 50 BBQ Honorable Mentions

  • Abilene:  The Shed Market Map
  • Bayou Vista:  Smokin Z’s BBQ Map
  • Beaumont:  Charlie’s Bar-B-Que Map
  • Bryan:  Fargo’s Pit BBQ Map
  • Cleburne:  Bare Barbecue Map
  • College Station:  1775 Pit Barbecue Map
  • Cresson:  BBQ On the Brazos Map
  • Eagle Pass:  Choche’s BBQ Map
  • Greenville:  Ernie’s Pit Barbecue Map
  • Hallettsville:  Kolacny Bar-B-Q Map
  • Hearne:  Blue Moon BBQ Map
  • Hebbronville:  Avila’s BBQ Map
  • Jacksboro:  Treviño’s Craft Smokehouse (TM says it is in Graford, Google Maps says it is in Haslet, and their Facebook page says it is in Jacksboro, so I’m not sure of its location, or maybe it has 3)
  • Jefferson:  Joseph’s Riverport Bar-B-Cue Map
  • Junction:  Lum’s Map
  • Lockhart:  Kreuz Market Map
  • Lubbock:  Tom & Bingo’s Map
  • Lufkin:  Wade’s Barbecue Map
  • Luling:  City Market Map
  • Marathon:  Brick Vault Brewery and Barbecue Map
  • Matagorda:  Coastal Que Map
  • Pecos:  Pody’s BBQ Map
  • Sisterdale:  Black Board Bar-B-Q Map
  • Slaton:  Pitforks & Smokerings BBQ Map
  • Smithville:  Zimmerhanzel’s BBQ Map
  • Sulphur Springs:  Slaughter’s BBQ Oasis Map
  • Wimberley:  Creekside Cookers BBQ Map


Thrillist has a smaller list of places not in big cities, but which they say are “worth driving a few miles–or hours–to explore the state’s tastiest destinations” (Article dated 7/20/2022)

Far-Flung Texas Barbecue Joints That Are Definitely Worth the Drive

  • Brenham: LJ’s BBQ (On the Texas Monthly list).  Agrees with Texas Monthly’s choices, but also emphasizes the daily specials (including pork belly banh mi) as the best choices.
  • Bryan: Fargo’s Pit BBQ (On the Texas Monthly list).  Brisket, chicken, and made from scratch sides are best bets (including peach cobbler).
  • Crockett: Mimsy’s Craft Barbecue (On Texas Monthly list). Must trys also include smoked turkey and two-day-brined chicken.
  • Marfa: Convenience West (On the Texas Monthly list). Agrees with Texas Monthly about the meats but adds brisket. Recommends the blue maize cornbread, Mexican style corn salad, and fire roasted “dip dip.”
  • Smithville: Carne Lenta. Serves all their meat on tacos instead of by the pound. Use of live fire for cooking adds a smoky dimension you can’t find in traditional BBQ. Map
  • Wolfforth: Evie Mae’s (On the Texas Monthly list). Besides Texas Monthly’s choices, they add that you can enjoy a complimentary beer while you wait.
  • Woodway: Helberg Barbecue (On the Texas Monthly list).  Adds brisket to the list of best items mentioned by Texas Monthly.

Chicken Fried Steak

Wide Open Eats “The 10 Best Chicken Fried Steaks in Texas That’ll Change Your Life” (May 2019):

  • Strawn:  Mary’s Cafe–119 Grant Ave.  Their readers agreed that this was the best chicken fried steak in Texas. Map
  • Spring Branch:  Richter’s Antler Cafe–1 Sun Valley Dr..  Second only to Mary’s in being the best in the state. Map
  • Stephenville:  Jake & Dorothy’s Cafe–406 E. Washington St.  Texas Country Reported rated this as No. 2 in the state while Wide Open Eats has it at No. 3. Map
  • Galveston:  Miller’s Seawall Grill–1824 Seawall Blvd.  CFS with cream gravy and runny eggs is on the breakfast menu but available all day (and this is the way most people order it).. Map
  • Sweetwater:  Skeet’s Texas Grill–214 SE Georgia Ave.  Originally in Abilene, it has now moved. Gravy is excellent, steak is big, and it comes with a huge baked potato with all the fixins. Map
  • Midland:  Scotty’s Soul Food and BBQ–523 E. Illinois Ave.  Has a signature cream gravy that makes it popular. Side dishes include cornbread and collard greens. Map

James Beard Foundation America’s Classics

The following are locally owned restaurants that are distinguished by their timeless appeal, and which serve quality food that represents the character of their communities:

  • Buffalo Gap: Perini Ranch Steakhouse–3002 FM 89

Jane & Michael Stern, “500 Things to Eat Before It’s Too Late”

This work by the Sterns, published in 2009, focuses on individual dishes and “the Very Best Places to Eat Them.” Although the list is dated by more than a decade, it is worth taking a look at the choices which include the following in Texas (partial list and edited for places that have closed–Bold for No. 1 recommendation in the U.S.)::

  • Barbecue Beef–Smitty’s Lockhart (No. 3 in the US), Black’s Lockhart (No. 4 in the US), Snow’s Lexington (No. 5 in the US), City Market Luling (No. 6 in the US), Kreuz Market Lockhart (No. 7 in the US)
  • Chicken Fried Steak–O.S.T. Bandera (No. 2 in the US), Hill Country Cupboard Johnson City (No. 4 in the US)
  • Chili con Carne–Black’s Barbecue Lockhart (No. 4 in the US)
  • Frito Pie–Golden Light Cafe Amarillo (No. 4 in the US)\
  • KolachesWeikel Bakery La Grange (No. 1 in the US), Czech Stop West (No. 2 in the US), Gerik’s Bakery West (No. 3 in the US)
  • Pecan PieRoyer’s Cafe Round Top (Tied for No. 1 in the US),

Note About “50 States, 50 Dishes” (Condé Nast)

Condé Nast published an article on Jul. 3, 2018 using various sources to compile a “list of the dishes that capture the hearts, souls, and (oh, yes) stomachs of these 50 states (plus Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico), and where you should order them.” For Texas it was BBQ beef brisket (the writer highlights the fatty meat, but says lean brisket is very good also).

One good place to get it is at Snow’s BBQ in Lexington (between Austin and Houston). It is described as “melty, fatty, smoky brisket.”

Closed (Formerly on the Restaurant Guide)

  • Hoggs BBQ–5928 US 87, Dumas (reported closed 2022)  Said to be a good place for brisket, beef ribs, and pulled pork.
  • La Morena–500 S. Main St., Andrews (reported closed 2022) Mexican food for breakfast & lunch. Authentic food with good tacos, burritos, and salsa. Reviewers said it went well beyond the typical small town Mexican food.
  • Ly’s Cafe–5615 E. Amarillo Blvd., Amarillo (closed 2022) Restaurant where the menu was exclusively Lao, and reviews were excellent.
  • Rancho Loma–2969 CR 422, Valera (closed 2022) Desination steakhouse out in the middle of the country. The motel is still open, and they say their restaurant in Coleman (a pizza restaurant) is still open.
  • Saigon–149 N. 25 Mile Ave., Hereford (closed 2022) Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant that was probably good for a small town
  • Taco-Q–1st St., Roaring Springs (closed 2021) Barbecue restaurant that also served tacos (both had excellent reviews)
  • Taqueria Los Gavanes–105 NE Ave. F, Andrews (reported closed 2022) Basic but very good taco restaurant (authentic Mexican style)


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