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Szechuan Chinese 3425 S. 1st St. Abilene, TX 23 Chinese 2008
Bangkok 5901 E. Amarillo Blvd. Amarillo, TX 23 Thai 2009
El Tejavan 3801 E. Interstate 40 Amarillo, TX 21 Mexican 2004
Hoffbrau Steaks 7203 W. Interstate 40 Amarillo, TX 25 Steaks 2018
Ly’s Cafe 5615 E. Amarillo Blvd. Amarillo, TX 23 Lao 2009
Super Bowl Noodles 810 Columbine St. Amarillo, TX 23 Lao 2008
Thai House 5601 E. Amarillo Blvd. Amarillo, TX 20 Thai 2005
Cagle Steaks 116 Inler Ave. Lubbock, TX 23 Steaks 2003
China Star 1919 50th St. Lubbock, TX 13 Chinese 2003
Choochai Thai 2330 19th St. Lubbock, TX 22 Thai 2002
Gardski’s 2009 Broadway St. Lubbock, TX 20 American 2003
Saigon Café 4515 50th St. Lubbock, TX 23 Vietnamese 2003
Stella’s 4646 50th St. Lubbock, TX 17 Italian 2003
Thai Thai 5018 50th St. Lubbock, TX 17 Thai 2003
Tokyo 4637 50th St. Lubbock, TX 20 Japanese 2002
King and I Thai 801 N. Big Spring St. Midland, TX 22 Thai 2008
Rosa’s Café 4301 N. Midland Dr. Midland, TX 17 Mexican 2006
Strawberry Fields Café 2311 W. Wadley Ave. Midland, TX * Organic 2008
La Norteña Tortilla 212 E. 3rd St. Pecos, TX 22 Mexican 2004
Chuy’s 1200 W. Broadway St. Van Horn, TX 20 Mexican 2003
Hunan Chinese 4516 Maplewood Ave. Wichita Falls, TX 18 Chinese 2006
Angela’s Cafe 2705 26th St. Lubbock, TX 22 American 2003
LM Restaurant 5813 E. Amarillo Blvd. Amarillo, TX 22 Lao 2007
Village Bakery Café 2606 S.W. 22nd Ave. Amarillo, TX 24 American 2010

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This is a “master list” of restaurants that I have seen on the Internet or other sources and would like to try, combined with my own recommendations to hopefully help others. I do not mean for this to be an exhaustive list of every good place to eat, but it should represent a good sample of the most interesting or unique restaurants, along with a few that best represent an area’s regional cuisine.