Thai Delight–Edmond, OK

Thai Delight
3409 S. Broadway
Edmond, OK
(405) 513-8881
Thai Delight in Edmond

Thai Delight in Edmond

I had lunch at several Thai restaurants this summer (2016), and I really thought the one at Thai Delight was the best. This in itself is quite a feat, since Thai food ranks high among my favorite cuisines. As a whole this was quite a good list of restaurants, and in general I recommend seeking out the Thai lunch specials that are available.

Admittedly having one meal does not provide a good basis for proclaiming this to be a good restaurant overall, but it is a good beginning. I can say with certainty that they have at least one very good dish.

Thai Delight has a much larger sushi menu than Thai, and I am not sure why they are doing both cuisines. In addition they have Japanese box lunches and other Japanese dishes such as udon.

The restaurant is located in a shopping complex at the southwest corner of 33rd St. and Broadway in Edmond. I would call the complex upscale, but for some reason they have raised the level of all the stores up a half flight of stairs. I tried to find a wheelchair ramp, and went to the back of the building, but I did not find anything that connected with the parking lot and would allow people to get to the restaurants. I am still uncertain whether it is accessible or not, but I can say that there is not anything obvious from the front of the building.

Pho Bulous Restaurant is next door, and both are visible from Broadway. There is an entrance to the parking lot from 33rd Street.

Fresh Ginger

Fresh ginger

Fresh ginger on the lunch menu

Fresh Ginger was one of the options on the lunch menu, but was something I wanted to try and would have ordered anyway even if I had to get it from the dinner choices. Overall the restaurant has a better selection of lunch choices than most of the other Thai restaurants I visited. It is not so much that they have a lot of choices, but they have the ones that I consider to be the better choices available in Thai restaurants.

The outstanding features of the fresh ginger were a vibrant flavor and the fact that it was not too sweet. Some other restaurants in OKC do have good versions of this dish, but I had such a good experience at Thai Delight that this has to be near the top of the list. I ordered it with tofu (which I thought was excellent). One thing I liked was the ration of tofu they had to other things that I consider to be “filler” (onion, bell pepper, etc.). The sauce was quite good as well, and contributed greatly to the overall enjoyment of the dish.


Salad and Thai tea

Salad and Thai tea

The Salad was also very good, but even better because it was free. The dressing had a good flavor and the salad was fresh. A spring roll also came with the lunch special (and this was one of the better spring rolls I have had).

Thai Tea
I tend to put Thai tea into one of two categories–ones I like and ones that are disappointing. The one here was the former, so I was happy.

Thai Delight has 17 lunch specials for $7.95, and there is a wide choice of items including basil, curry, cashew, ginger, eggplant, broccoli, and pad thai (each has a choice of chicken, beef, pork, tofu, or veggie).  There are also a couple of chicken dishes. The restaurant also has fish dishes for $8.95 and duck choices for $11.95. Overall this is a good selection of items for lunch.

Japanese box lunch and sushi specials are also available for lunch.

The Thai menu is not quite as much of a bargain for dinner, but they do have quite a good selection of items. These include additional types of curry not available at lunch such as Panang, Massaman, and pineapple.

The bulk of the dinner menu seems to be sushi, but it is mostly rolls with a small selection of a la carte sushi/sashimi. There are also Japanese dinners such as tempura, kutsu, and teriyaki.

Other Details
I do not know if the restaurant is completely free of MSG, but my meal did not have any.

The dining room was very large and comfortable compared to several others in my sample list of restaurants (this is not a big deal but it might be important for some people to know).

The service was very good, as it seems to be in all the Thai restaurants. The difference here, though, is that they had more waiters, so I think you get somewhat faster service.

As I mentioned, I had an issue with the handicapped parking. This is something that was created by the shopping center designer, though, and maybe there is some sort of “secret entrance” that I did not discover.

The fresh ginger was so good that I am giving the restaurant a rating that I rarely do based on a single dish. This dish, though, is one of my yardsticks for judging Thai food, so I have a good amount of confidence that other food here will be good as well.

I don’t know anything about the sushi here, except to say that they have quite a large variety of it.


Cuisine: Thai & Sushi
Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily (closed from 3 to 4:30 pm)
Accessible: No (or at least not that I could find)
Smoking: No smoking
Additional Location: 761 Jenkins Ave (Norman)

Most Recent Visit: Jul. 20, 2016

Number of Visits: 1

Best Item: Fresh Ginger


Special Ratings
star 5 Fresh Ginger
star 5 Salad

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