Some Colorado Springs Suggestions

Recently some friends of mine went to Colorado Springs for a vacation, and brought back a number of photos and good reports about the things to see there (many of which I have seen on my own trips there).

My friends also have very good credentials when it comes to reporting on food, so I asked them if they would give me some information to share with readers.  I am glad to do this for the benefit of anyone else who may be going there to visit.  Some of the restaurants mentioned are not very good everyday choices, but they are very good “splurge” restaurants to visit while on vacation.

I believe my friends are very good judges of food, and in most cases are more critical than I am when it comes to giving restaurant recommendations.  It turned out that in about a four day visit there were three restaurants that they recommended, which are listed below:


Garden of the Gods Gourmet
410 S. 26th St.
Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 471-2799

Garden of the Gods Gourmet

Garden of the Gods Gourmet

This is a popular restaurant any time of day, but my friends went for brunch.  The big drawing card was that they had an outdoor patio (which they wanted so that they could bring their dog).  They said, though, that it had excellent food, and was the best restaurant they tried in the breakfast or lunch category.

Outdoor patio where pets are allowed

Outdoor patio at Garden of the Gods Gourmet

This is also the only one of the three restaurants that falls in the “moderately priced” category (although I don’t know what they ordered).

Garden of the Gods Gourmet is open for breakfast and lunch daily, and serves early dinner (until 7:30 pm) Tuesday through Saturday (according to Yelp).


Miramont Castle
9 Capitol Hill Ave.
Manitou Springs, CO
(719) 685-1011

Miramont Castle is actually in a large castle (at least large by American standards) and serves English high tea.  They serve three courses, and patrons have the option of ordering individual courses or all three.

First course of tea

First course of tea

One of the best features of this restaurant is the variety of teas that are available, and my friends thought all of them were good (each person chooses one kind of tea, but apparently it is fine to share with others so that you can sample the different varieties).

Along with the tea diners get a scone.  So far it sounds true to the teas in England (traditionally served in mid afternoon, but at Miramont you can get it any time during business hours).

Second course

Second course of tea

The second course consists of finger sandwiches and a piece of bread.  My friends thought the bread was much like dim sum (probably meaning it was not too sweet, but just right).  In any case, reviews elsewhere on the Internet confirm that it is good.

Third course of tea

Third course of tea

The third course is the “dessert” (chocolates and a variety of sweets).  Like the other courses, my friends give a good report of it.

With the sandwiches served in the second course, and the sum total of all the food served, my friends stated that it made an excellent lunch.  It cost $26 per person, but they were glad they had the experience and enjoyed the food.

Hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


The Rabbit Hole
101 N. Tejon St.
Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 203-5072

Located in downtown Colorado Springs, The Rabbit Hole was really the “fine dining” experience out of the three.  Yelp rates the cost as $$ (not terribly expensive), but it depends on what you order.

Food from The Rabbit Hole

Chef’s Butcher Block

The Rabbit Hole serves several kinds of meat, and all of it is good (according to what I hear).  I was told that the lamb was the best, and the striped bass was next (but that all of the meats were good).  The Chef’s Butcher Block gives a sample of several kinds of meat, costs $35, and is enough for two people (the fish is not included on the butcher’s block).

More food from The Rabbit Hole

More food from The Rabbit Hole

This photo includes the shrimp and seafood “nibbles” plate, fitting in with what is generally the small plate concept of the restaurant (unless you get the butcher’s block or one of the meat main dishes).

Hours are 4:00 pm to 1:30 in the morning, and they serve 250 types of wine.

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