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News events have turned some people’s attention to Ukrainian restaurants in the United States, either as a way to show our support to the country or as a way to enjoy the cuisine. In my research for the Restaurant Guide on this web site I have found a few Ukrainian restaurants as well as many more that are primarily focused on another country (mainly Russia or Poland) but which serve Ukrainian food. One recent example for me is the Red Rock Deli in Albuquerque which has food from Poland and “Eastern Europe” (including Ukraine), and would give an opportunity to sample this type of food.

This article, though, lists restaurants in which Ukrainian food is the main focus or the only cuisine served. The geographic area for this list is the same that is covered in the Restaurant Guide, i.e. the Midwest to the west coast (including all the Southwestern states and the Northwest).

Although not on this list, other areas which have a concentration of Ukrainian restaurants include British Columbia and Alberta as well as the Northeastern part of the United States.

The restaurants on this list are not ones I have tried personally, but which have good reviews and seem to be good choices (I do not think I have seen a Ukrainian restaurant that did not have good reviews).


  • All Pierogi Kitchen–1245 W. Baseline Rd., Mesa.  Reviewers say eating here is like having an “Ukrainian mom” doing the cooking.  Map
  • Soup & Sausage Bistro–13240 N. 7th St., Phoenix.  Phoenix New Times says this is a small counter-service spot operated by a Ukrainian born chef.  Map


  • Mom, Please Ukrainian Food–13151 Fountain Park Dr., Los Angeles. Small restaurant with dine-in service. Map
  • Pushkin–40 Belden Pl., San Francisco.  Food court counter service with outdoor dining available. Map


  • Old Lviv–2228 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago.  The buffet is recommended (food is not rated as high as at Tryzub but you get more variety).  Map
  • Shokolad– 2524 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago.  Said to be as good as Tryzub, but is open for lunch only.  Map
  • Tryzub–2201 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago.  Flagship restaurant in the “Ukrainian Village” area of Chicago. Open mainly for dinner.  Map


  • Ukrainian Cultural Center–26601 Ryan Rd., Warren.  Has a Friday lunch buffet that is open to the public.  Map


  • Kramarczuk Sausage Co–215 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis.  Ukrainian restaurant that won a James Beard Award in 2013.  Map

North Dakota

  • Four Corners Ukrainian Cafe–2000 Hwy 85 SW, Fairfield.  Country restaurant that is popular with truckers because the food is so good.  Map


  • Pelmeni Pelmeni–1080 SE Madison St., Portland.  Food truck in a food court that has indoor and outdoor dining available. Just a few items on the menu, but they are all popular including beef noodles, chicken dumplings, and Eastern European drinks. Map


  • European Dumplings Cafe–2211 NW Military Hwy., Castle Hills.  Small restaurant that grew out of a food truck serving casual and authentic Ukrainian food.  Map
  • Riel–1927 Fairview St., Houston.  “New American” restaurant where the owner has dishes from his Ukrainian heritage along with local dishes from the Gulf Coast area (the majority of dishes are New American)  Map


  • Inna’s Cuisine–26 N. Wenatchee Ave., Wenatchee. Has a “Tour of Ukraine” dinner.  Map
  • Katya’s Bakery–12811 8th Ave. W., Everett.  Combination bakery (cakes) and Ukrainian restaurant. Google Maps says it is takeout only but I think this is incorrect and they have dine-in service. Map
  • Ukrainian Cuisine Restaurant–31811 WA-706, Ashford.  Located near the Mt. Rainier entrance.  Map


2 thoughts on “Support Your Local Ukrainian Restaurants

  1. Thank you, Steve. Other than the Red Rock Deli (I hope you caught them on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives in January), I had no idea good Ukrainian food was readily available in the area. We’re going to Phoenix in April for a wedding and will try to visit the restaurants you mentioned.

    • Yes, Phoenix has become quite the food mecca with a variety of different foods that I think almost rivals California, and in many ways is better than the large cities in Texas. After seeing your review of Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix it seems that they even have Texas style barbecue covered.

      Concerning Red Rock Deli in Albuquerque, I did not know Mark’s wife was Ukrainian, although it sounds as if I would have if I had seen the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives show where Guy Fieri visited the restaurant. I have seen rave reviews for her Ukrainian borscht on Yelp, and I think Red Rock Deli is one of many in the United States that is a “hidden” Ukrainian restaurant where mostly a more well known cuisine is served (in this case Polish food). I think the restaurants in Phoenix, though will offer a good opportunity for more adventures in Ukrainian food.

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