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  • Date indicates the most recent update of the restaurants listed
  • Bold indicates my recommendations; others come from what I consider to be good sources (see bottom of page for further explanation)


Crawpappy’s Cajun Cuisine–1915 US 71 (Cajun) Open Thu-Sat only.  Reviewers say it is really good Cajun food. (Dining room is open 8-30-21)


Wiederkehr–3324 Swiss Family Dr. (German) Open daily except Sun evening (closes at 8 pm on weekdays). Swiss and Austrian specialties.  Bratwurst, reuben, German potato salad are good.  Stroganoff is disappointing (according to reviewers). (Dining room is open 7-15-21)


Pho Thanh–1204 S. Walton Blvd. (Vietnamese) Open daily 10:30 am to 8:00 pm.  Reviews for the pho are not as good as (the now closed) Miss Saigon, but has other items the reviewers say are good, such as bun bo hue. (Dining room is open 7-15-21)

Wright’s Barbecue–208 NE 3rd St. (BBQ) Open 11 am to 9 pm (closed Sun & Mon). Texas style BBQ. Brisket and pulled pork are recommended. (Dining room is open 9-21-21)

Note: there are a number of interesting looking restaurants with different cuisines in town. Most look very good, but the one that seemed to stand out (3rd St. Eatery) is now closed. I think there are a number of good restaurants in Bentonville, but it is hard to tell from reviews that any of them stand out enough that I would recommend them over the others.


Dixie Pig–701 N. 6th St. (BBQ) Closed Sat evening & Sun.  Has been serving barbecue since 1923. Known for its “pig sandwich” (chopped pork). (Dining room is open 8-30-21)


Agape Asian Noodles–1700 Altus St. (Chinese) Closed Sun.  Most popular dish seems to be Szechuan beef noodles, but has pho, ramen, and other types of Asian food. (Dining room is open 8-22-21)

WunderHaus–900 Locust Ave. (German) Dinner only (open Wed-Saat only).  Serves good German food according to reviews, but also has added some German/Southern fusion food such as apple strudel bread pudding. (Dining room is open 8-22-21)

De Valls Bluff

Craig’s BBQ–315 Main St. (BBQ) Lunch only (Thu-Sun only).  Real deal, hole in the wall BBQ. Doesn’t just have one specialty, but pulled pork, chicken, etc. are all good. Sides are exceptionally good also (such as the slaw). (Takeout only 8-30-21)

Ms Lena’s Pies–2885 Hwy. 33 S. (Bakery) Open Thu-Sat only.  Pies–fried chocolate pie is especially good, but any pie they have is recommended. Sells pies Thu-Sat from morning to early afternoon, or any time the “Open” sign is posted.  Roadfood says the fried pies (sold only on Sat.) are even better than the regular pies (the best fried pies they’ve ever had). (Takeout only 8-22-21)

Eureka Springs

Bavarian Inn–329 W. Van Buren (Czech) Dinner only (Thu-Sun only).  Wienerschnitzel is unpounded (don’t recommend).  Czech dumplings, chicken anna mari, goulash, and desserts are said to be good. (Dining room is open 8-22-21)

Mei Li Cuisine–3094 E. Van Buren (Chinese) Open Wed-Sat only (closed from 3 to 4:30 pm).  Has Americanized Chinese food and supposedly Hmong food (although I don’t see it on the menu). (Dining room is open 8-30-21)

Myrtie Mae’s–207 W. Van Buren (American) Open daily 7 am to 8 pm.  Many say this is the best fried chicken they have ever had, the best in the area, etc. (but they all like it). Breakfast has mixed reviews. (Dining room is open 9-21-21)

Oscar’s Cafe–17 White St. (Cafe) Breakfast and lunch only (closed Mon).  It’s hard to put a label on the type of food served, but everyone seems to agree it is good.  Norwegian waffles, BLT, and quiche are recommended. (Dining room is open 8-30-21)

Thai House–2059 E. Van Buren (Thai) Closed Sun (and closed from 3 to 4:30 pm).  Most people like the food. Items that don’t get less good reviews are the pad thai and rice. (Dining room is open 8-22-21)

Two Dumb Dames Fudge Factory–33 S. Main St. (Candy) Open daily 10 am to 5 pm.  Enjoy fudge fresh off the press and other family recipes (all for the sweet tooth). (In store shopping 8-22-21)


Farmer’s Table Cafe–1079 S. School Ave. (American) Breakfast & lunch only (closed Mon).  People say the food has good flavor and is fresh. Photos show colorful food that is not the typical fried food of this region. The problem is that so many people want to eat here there is frequently a problem getting in. (Dining room is open 7-15-21)

Thep Thai–1525 S. School Ave. (Thai) Closed Tue. Seems to be the most authentic Thai rest. in NWA which may not mean much, but I would give it a shot. They say there is no handicapped parking here, so to me this is a sign that there may be other problems with management as well (but the food is good). (Dining room is open 7-15-21)

Wes’s BBQ–14 S. University Ave. (BBQ) Closed Sun. BBQ ribs. Many recommend the burgers. (Dining room is open 7-15-21)

Fort Smith

Calico County–2401 S. 56th St. (Southern) Open daily (including breakfast).  Southern style home cooking (reviewers say it is like Cracker Barrel but with better food). (Dining room is open 8-30-21)

Pho Vietnam–2214 Rogers Ave. (Vietnamese) Open daily (closed in the evening Tue & Sun). Located in an old gas station, reviewers say it is not fancy but cheap, very good, and totally authentic Pho, lemongrass Bun, banh mi are recommended. Every customer gets a free banana tapioca dessert. (Dining room is open 8-22-21)

Ralph’s Pink Flamingo BBQ–2801 Old Greenwood Rd. (BBQ) Lunch Tue-Sat, dinner Thu-Sat.  The BBQ here was the winner of the Kansas City Barbecue Society grand championship. Reviews are mixed, though–some love it and some seem to think they are too successful to keep up the quality that makes award winning BBQ. Brisket, pulled pork, and sausage are supposed to be the best items, but many say they love everything they have tasted. (Dining room is open 8-30-21)

Tassanee’s Thai Cuisine–1611 Dodson Ave. (Thai) Closed Sun.  This is the one Thai restaurant that reviewers say you can be sure has authentic food (they also say it is delicious). (Takeout only 8-30-21)

Thai Chicken Bowl–2100 Rogers Ave. (Thai) Open Daily.  Curries are highly recommended. Note: this is the number one rated restaurant on Yelp in Ft. Smith. (Dining room is open 8-30-21)


Wooden Spoon–1000 S. Gentry Blvd. (American) Open 10:30 am to 2 pm (closed Sat & Sun).  Owned by Mennonites. Menu is pre-set and cooked from scratch. After about 10:45 there is usually a line to get in. Desserts are said to be especially good. (Dining room is open 9-21-21)

Hot Springs

McClard’s–505 Albert Pike Rd. (BBQ) Closed Sun & Mon.  The most famous and popular BBQ in town. People like the ribs, tamale spread, and the red sauce. My sources tell me this is among the best BBQ restaurants in the state, but it is for people who like a spicy sauce (this is the only sauce they have). (Dining room is open 7-25-20)

Phil’s–2900 Central Ave. (Southern) Open 7 am to 6 pm (closes at 2 pm on Sat & Sun).  Recommended items are breakfast special (eggs, sausage & pancakes), chicken & dumplings, patty melt, pork loin, and pie. Some reviewers report that there is a “no sharing” policy which they (and I) find rather strange, but they say the food is worth it (even if you end up leaving some on the plate). (Dining room is open 7-25-20)

Pho Hoang My–608 E. Grand Ave. (Vietnamese) Closed Tue (and closed from 2:30 to 4:30 pm).  Has a number of different varieties of pho. Vietnamese pork chop is also recommended. Bun (vermicelli bowl) is said to be excellent. (Dining room is open 7-25-20)

Rolando’s–210 Central Ave. (Cuban) Open Daily.  El Cubano plate is recommended, but also has available a wide variety of Cuban dishes and appetizers.  Also is in a very nice wooded setting with an outdoor patio available. Also in Ft Smith. (Note: Google Maps says it is Ecuadoran). (Dining room is open 8-22-21)

Smokin In Style BBQ–2278 Albert Pike Rd. (BBQ) Closed Sun evening & Mon.  Ribs, pulled pork (most people say ribs are the best item). Homemade banana pudding is also quite good. (Dining room is open 7-25-20)

Steinhaus Keller–801 Central Ave. (German) Dinner only (closed Sun & Mon).  Said to be excellent food. Diners recommend getting one of the “Chef’s Specials.” (Dining room is open 7-25-20)


Wright’s Barbecue–2212 Main Dr. (BBQ) Open 11 am to 9 pm (closed Sun & Mon).  Very good reviews, especially considering it is not one of the places that runs out of meat shortly after noon. Brisket is said to be especially good, but reviewers like all of the meats. Note: this is a suburb of Fayetteville. (Dining room is open 8-30-21)

Lake Village

Rhoda’s Hot Tamales–714 St. Mary St. (American) Closed Sun & Mon.  Hot tamales are said to be worth making a special trip to experience. This is a real restaurant (not just a takeout place). Fried chicken and pies are also recommended. (Dining room is open 8-22-21)


Burge’s–526 Spruce St. (BBQ) Open daily 10 am to 8 pm.  Famous for its smoked turkey and ham–serves both in its very popular sandwiches, along with hamburgers and other items. (Also has a location in Little Rock). (Dining room is open 8-30-21)

Little Rock

Buenos Aires Grill–614 President Clinton Ave. (Argentinian) Closed Sun & Mon.  Said to be authentic. Large variety of items under $15 (this is not just steaks, but many of the steaks are not very expensive either). (Dining room is open 7-25-20)

Capital Bar & Grill–111 W. Markham St. (American) Open Daily.  Upscale sandwiches & American food (specializes in Creole and Southern food). Cuban sandwich, french onion soup, burger, gumbo, brown sugar pie. Pulled pork (special on Thursday) is the favorite of some. (Dining room is open 8-22-21)

Gus’s Fried Chicken–300 President Clinton Ave. (American) Open Daily.  Fried chicken that takes about 15 min. to cook (to me this is a sign that the chicken is good!). Some say they like the dark meat (so this is another sign that the chicken is good). Most say they don’t like the sides unless you get the mac & cheese or one of the other “upgraded” items. (Dining room is open 7-25-20)

Layla’s Market–9501 N. Rodney Parham Rd. (Middle Eastern) Open daily except Sun evening.  Has standard Middle Eastern food from the Syria/ Jordan region. What makes it stand out, though, is the amount of food you get for your money and the fact that it is all good (everything down to the rice is something diners really enjoy). (Dining room is open 7-25-20)

Mr. Chen’s Authentic Chinese–3901 S. University Ave. (Chinese) Open 11 am to 8:30 pm (closed Tue).  Basil chicken, steamed dumplings, steamed buns, Taiwanese braised pork, hot pot. (Dining room is open 8-22-21)

The Pantry–11401 N. Rodney Parham Rd. (Czech) Closed Sat lunch & Sun.  Owners are Czech, but they also serve German food. Jager Schnitzel has good recommendations. My feeling is to get Czech food that is available at few other restaurants. (Dining room is open 7-25-20)

Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co–611 S. Main St. (Chinese) Open 11 am to 9 pm (closed Sun).  Authentic style Chinese food with a very simple menu–noodles or dumplings. It is served fast food style on plastic plates, but it looks very good and reviews confirm this (noodles get the best reviews). (Dining room is open 8-22-21)

Whole Hog Cafe–2516 Cantrell Rd. (BBQ) Open daily 11 am to 8 pm.  I have been told by a local that this is the best BBQ in Little Rock, and maybe the state (Lindsey’s in North Little Rock is second). Ribs and chopped beef are the best items here (sliced beef is the best item at Lindsey’s). They have several types of sauce, and this is one of the features that makes it a favorite over other restaurants. (Dining room is open 7-25-20)


Jones Bar-B-Q–219 W. Louisiana St. (BBQ) Open 7 am to 1 pm (closed Sun).  In operation for over 100 years, it has barbecue made the old fashioned way (meat is smoked on site, served on plain white bread with thin vinegar-based sauce). Many say this is the best barbecue they have ever eaten. (Dining room is open 8-30-21)

Mountain Home

Dusit Thai–920 Hwy 62 E. (Thai) Closed Sat lunch & Sun.  Good food, but order the spice level higher than you would at a big city restaurant. Flavors seem to be Americanized (sweeter than they should be), but this can be offset by getting dishes such as ones with basil or other ingredients that will have a stronger flavor than the sauce. (Dining room is open 8-22-21)

North Little Rock

Lindsey’s BBQ–207 Curtis Sykes Dr. (Southern) Open 11 am to 6 pm (closed Sun).  This is mainly a Southern cooking/ soul food restaurant, but the BBQ is said to be some of the best in the state (some say the sliced brisket is best). A good thing about this place, though, is that you can get real side dishes with it (yams, slaw, cornbread, black eyed peas, etc.). Sometimes has specials such as turkey and dressing, and I think fried chicken is always available. (Dining room is open 8-22-21)

Rosalinda’s–900 W. 35th St. (Honduran) Open 10 am to 8 pm (closed Wed). Reviewers say this is some of the best food in the LR area–even the vegetarian dishes are very good. Plantains are especially recommended. Reviewers say chorizo and eggs are good for breakfast. (Dining room is open 8-22-21)


Havana Tropical Grill–203 N. 2nd St. (Cuban) Open daily (closes early Sun-Tue). Authentic Cuban food. Most dishes look fried, but have salads, grilled dishes, etc. (Dining room is open 6-30-20)

Monte Ne Inn Chicken–13843 E. Hwy. 94 (Southern) Dinner Wed-Sat; lunch Sun. This is supposed to be fried chicken that is worth going out of your way to try. May be comparable to Stroud’s (in MO and KS). (Dining room is open 8-22-21)

Saiwok Vietnamese–2882 W. Walnut St. (Vietnamese) Closed Sun.  Good food with a number of menu choices (including vegetarian). People seem to particularly like the pork belly dishes. (Dining room is open 8-22-21)


Whilma’s Filipino Restaurant–701 E. Race Ave. (Filipino) Open 11 am to 7 pm (closed Sun & Mon).  A Filipino restaurant that gets very good reviews from locals has to be a winner. Lemon pork is recommended, but I haven’t seen a negative review about any of the items served. (Dining room is open 8-22-21)


AQ Chicken House–1207 N. Thompson St. (American) Open Daily. Fried chicken–maybe better than Stroud’s (comparable restaurants in KS and MO). (Dining room is open 7-15-21)

Szechuan House–2255 W. Sunset Ave. (Chinese) Closed Mon.  Offers both authentic Sichuan food and more Americanized dishes (I think they will be clearly marked and obvious to customers which are which). (Takeout only 7-15-21)

Thai Taste–3138 S. Old Missouri Rd. (Thai) Closed Sun.  I believe this was the popular restaurant in Roland, OK that then moved to Ft Smith. (That restaurant had good curries, soups, and pineapple fried rice but people said skip the pad thai). People in Springdale say they like the soups and curries, but not so much the pad thai. (Dining room is open 7-15-21)


Notes About This List:

This is a “master list” of restaurants that I have seen on the Internet or other sources and would like to try, or that I think would be of interest to others.  I do not mean for this to be an exhaustive list of every good place to eat, but it should represent a good sample of the most interesting or unique restaurants, along with a few that best represent an area’s regional cuisine.  My own recommendations are in Bold.

I am not looking to include:

  • Fine dining (unless they are unique because of regional specialties)
  • Low end restaurants that are popular with locals but may not be of much interest to travelers or people in general (everyone will have to use their judgment on this one)

Extra consideration for the following:

  • The food is organic, fresh, healthy, or farm to table
  • The restaurant serves a relatively hard to find type of ethnic food and reviews are good

In addition to the regular guidelines I try to include:

  • The best Asian restaurants in the area even if they are not totally authentic
  • Particularly good Mexican restaurants (this usually means the food is from a particular state in Mexico or it is one of the best examples of a U.S. regional style)

Please feel free to leave your own comments or suggestions.



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