Peter’s–El Paso, TX

Peter’s German Grill & Bakery
255 Shadow Mountain Dr.
El Paso, TX
(915) 626-6368
Peter's German Grill

Peter’s German Grill

The owner of Peter’s (whose name you can guess) was formerly a baker at Lo Mart Supermarket, a grocery store that had a large selection of German baked goods and other items imported from Europe (and is a store I have missed since it closed). Fortunately, though, Peter’s German Grill and Bakery goes a long way in filling the void, except for the fact that Lo Mart used to be on both the west and east side while there is only one Peter (who is located on the west side on Shadow Mountain Dr.).

Peter operates a German restaurant that mainly serves bratwurst and schnitzel, although I know that some other items are available as well (the web site lists two other types of Wurst). Side dishes are available, and there are lunch specials every day where you can get a main item, potato salad, drink, and dessert for a price that makes it hard to resist (also when you taste the food it is hard to resist as well). Most of what I have tried so far has been because it was the daily special.

The bakery is similar to Marina’s Bakery on the east side, except here there is a greater selection of breads while Marina’s mostly serves pastries. Each of these bakeries gives you a good selection of both, though.

Peter kept telling me that Friday night is the beer special night (I think it is half price) but I have yet to check it out. So far, though, I have found more than enough to keep me interested in coming back.




Bratwurst is one of the specialties of the restaurant, and it is obvious that Peter takes care in finding a good source and in cooking it the right way. The one here is grilled, resulting in an excellent flavor of an already good sausage. Sauerkraut is served on top (unless you want onions), and all around it is excellent (but due to the nature of how it is prepared I would think it should be eaten in the restaurant like I did rather than trying to get an order to go).

A very good Potato Salad was served with mine as part of the daily special deal. The potato salad is served cold. I have been told that it is prepared in house daily (this is evident by how fresh it is, but I just want to get my facts correct).

I tried various mustards which are available for customers to use, but I did not find any that I liked as much as the mustard that Marina’s Bakery puts on their bratwurst. Otherwise, though, I would rate the bratwurst here as probably being the best in El Paso.




Jagerschnitzel is one of the variations of schnitzel served here, and the mushroom gravy covering the meat lived up to my expectations (as did the meat).

The portion of meat on the schnitzels here seems smaller than at other restaurants, and to me this one is about the right size and also the right price. I also think other patrons will be happy with the flavor.



German style pretzel

One feature at Peter’s is that they have German style Pretzels made with rye, covered with rock salt, and served with butter. Like all of the bread it is fresh and baked in house.


Cranberry and walnut bread

Cranberry and walnut bread

After trying the Cranberry and Walnut Bread I have made it a point to buy more every time I go back. This is one of my favorite things to eat at home for snacks or as part of breakfast–the sweetness is just right but it is not to the point that you will get a sugar high from it.

For those who like bread with fruit and nuts, I would honestly say I have tried quite a few of them and this one, along with the cranberry and walnut at Whole Foods, are my favorites (Whole Foods usually sells cranberry and pecan which I also like and would rate almost as highly as Peter’s).


Black forest

Black forest

The Black Forest has a very nice cherry filling with a liqueur flavor along with a very fresh cake and European style (not too sweet) cream topping. This is definitely one of the best I have tried (I would say probably the best). The price is a little steep, but if you get it with a daily special which includes a dessert it is almost like getting it on the house.

There is a large variety of specialty drinks in the cooler (I think most are from Europe) that include some I have tried and would recommend. Most of the drinks are available as part of the daily special although a few are more expensive and would cost extra.

Peter does not have a drink fountain (Coke, etc.) and does not serve iced tea. Beer is available, though.

Other Comments
This is a German deli that mainly serves schnitzel and bratwurst, but it is quite good. I have to look at Ingrid’s in Oklahoma City as a restaurant that is really similar in serving both deli items and baked goods/pastries. Comparing these two restaurants would probably not mean a whole lot to most readers, but it is a way of describing them–Ingrid’s has a lot larger selection of sandwiches and meat plates, but I think for what Peter’s does serve it has a better flavor. Peter’s main drawback is its small menu, but I really think people will enjoy what they get.


Cuisine: German
Cost: $$
Hours: Closed Sun.
Accessible: Yes
Smoking: No smoking
Alcohol: Beer

Most Recent Visit: Jun. 21, 2018
Number of Visits: 3
Best Items: Jagerschnitzel, Bratwurst, Cranberry and Walnut Bread, Black Forest

Special Ratings
star 5 Bratwurst
star 5 Jagerschnitzel
star 5 Potato Salad
star 5 Pretzel
star 5 Cranberry & Walnut Bread
star 5 Black Forest

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