Lang’s Bakery–Oklahoma City, OK

Lang’s Bakery
2524 N. Military Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 528-5141
Lang's Bakery in the shopping center behind Lido

Lang’s Bakery in the shopping center behind Lido

Lang’s is a very small restaurant and bakery located in the same shopping center as Lido, but it seems to build its business on local clientele more than Lido and other restaurants which attract a good number of tourists and occasional visitors. Even so, Lang’s has its own loyal following, and for good reason.


The most popular feature of Lang’s seems to be its bakery, which makes its own Asian specialties as well as bread for the banh mi sandwiches. The display cases have such a wide selection that it is really not easy to make a decision.

Cookies and sweets at Lang's

Cookies and sweets at Lang’s

I found some very good Almond Cookies (literally sugar cookies with almond flavoring) that made the most out of the most simple ingredients– flour, butter, and sugar.  They were not super-sweet, but had the right mix of flavors for an Asian style dessert.


Rice cake is at top center and banana cake at the lower right

Another display case has cakes and other baked goods that I think change from time to time, but what it all has in common is that it is freshly made.


Interior of Lang's bakery

The restaurant has about eight tables

The restaurant serves lunch, and apparently a lot of banh mi sandwiches to go.  The lady at the counter said that some of the items have MSG, but not everything.  The five sections of the menu are (1) Banh Mi Sandwiches, (2) Beverages and Desserts, (3) Rice Plates, (4) Vermicelli and Other Noodle Dishes, and (5) Soups.

Vietnamese ham and rice noodles

Banh uot cha lua

I was talking to the lady about Banh Cuon Tay Ho, the restaurant formerly located a couple of doors down, and she said Lang’s menu item #19 (Banh Uot Cha Lua) was very similar to the rice noodle dish I used to get at the other restaurant.  I was very happy with the one at Lang’s (although it is not exactly the same dish), and this is also one of the dishes that is MSG-free. I will say that the ham and rice sheets did not provide as vibrant a flavor as I find with many Vietnamese dishes, but everything about it was very good (I especially enjoyed the fish sauce that had a more authentic Vietnamese flavor than most).

What I understand is that their most popular item is No. 1 on the menu, a banh mi sandwich with Vietnamese ham (the same ham shown in the photo of banh uot). This is also an item that does not have MSG. No. 12 (vermicelli bowl with beef) is also suggested as a very good dish that does not have MSG.

Drinks include Vietnamese coffee, a yogurt ice drink, and smoothies.  I had hot jasmine tea with my meal.




Besides the baked good, there are also several other desserts available including a very good Flan. This is a French styled flan as it would be served in Vietnam, and I thought it was excellent (it was also available at a very good price).

Cuisine: Vietnamese
Cost: $
Hours: Open 8 am to 6 pm (closed Tue.)
Most Recent Visit: Jul. 18, 2016
Number of Visits: 2
Best Items: *

Asian Food Details

Tea: Jasmine
MSG: Yes
Buffet: No


Special Ratings
star 5 Banh Uot Cha Lua
star 5 Cookies
star 5 Flan

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