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  • Date indicates the most recent update of the restaurants listed
  • Bold indicates my recommendations; others come from what I consider to be good sources (see bottom of page for further explanation)


Adrift–510 Commercial Ave. (American) Open daily except Sun dinner.  Food is fresh and locally sourced–specializes in seafood and breakfast items (opens at 8 am).  (12-11-15)

Naung Mai–3015 Commercial Ave. (Thai) Open daily (open until 10 pm).  Good reviews. (12-11-15)


Anthony’s–7 Bellwether Way (American) Open Daily.  I have been to a couple of the Anthony’s restaurants and found them to be a good place for seafood–salmon, etc. (but reviewers say go to Chuckanut Dr. in Bow for more high-end seafood). (12-11-15)

Dragon River–1319 Cornwall Ave. (Chinese) Closed Sun.  Chinese food from Heilongjiang Province in northeast China.  Food is excellent.  Some recommend dishes with yu xiang sauce. (12-11-15)


Rhododendron Cafe–5521 Chuckanut Dr. (Seafood, American) Closed Mon & Tue.  Somewhat upscale, specializes in seafood.  Salmon is one of the best choices. (12-11-15)


Suzy’s Kitchen–2665 6th St. (Korean) Closed Sun.  One of the top rated restaurants in Bremerton–consistently excellent reviews. (2-4-16)


Natalia’s–437 NE 4th Ave. (Russian) Breakfast and lunch only (closed Mon).  Reviews are mixed because it now has new owners.  However, those who order off-the-menu specials say they are very good.  Most people like breakfast the best. (3-19-17)


La Tarasca–1001 W. Main St. (Mexican) Closed Tue.  This restaurant is worthy of a stop according to reviews that have been coming in for a number of years. The most recommended dishes are the ones with any kind of sauce–mole, chile verde, etc. (3-19-17)

Cle Elum

Best of Thai–321 E. 1st (Thai) Open Daily.  Good and authentic Thai food.  Most people say, though, to order the food on the low end of the spicy scale (or else it may come out too hot). (3-19-17)


Yellow Church Cafe–111 S. Pearl St. (New American) Open Daily.  Mainly soups and sandwiches, but very upscale with its bread being a customer favorite. (3-19-17)


Anthony’s HomePort–1726 W. Marine View Dr. (Seafood) Open Daily.  Part of a mini-chain of upscale seafood restaurants with great ocean views.  For seafood this is hard to pass up. (2-2-16)

Katya’s Bakery–12811 8th Ave. W. (Russian).  This is a bakery and cafe.  It is the top rated bakery on Yelp, with the food described as being made with fresh ingredients such as real cream and not any shortcuts such as mixes (the specialty is Eastern European pastries).  The cafe serves authentic Russian food that is described as the best you will find in the U.S., although it is a casual cafe and you will get typical dishes rather than elaborate dinners such as might be served in other Russian restaurants.  I don’t know if it’s cheap because it’s so good most people say you will not be able to limit yourself to just a few items (from the bakery as well as the cafe). (2-2-16)

King Noodle House–7815 Evergreen Way (Chinese) Open daily 11 am to 10 pm.  Authentic and very good Chinese food.  Specializes in hand pulled noodles. (2-2-16)

New Mexicans–1416 Hewitt Ave. (New Mexican) Open Daily.  New Mexico style food (some say it is not totally authentic but most say the red and green enchiladas are quite good). (2-2-16)

Noodle Hut–13014 Hwy. 99 (Thai) Closed Sun & Mon.  Reviewers say it is absolutely authentic and quite good (and the details make me think they know what they are talking about). (2-2-16)

Thai E-San–1707 Hewitt Ave. (Thai) Closed Sun (and closed from 2 to 5 pm).  Isan style.  Note: may be closed but it is not confirmed. (2-2-16)

Yummy Deli–8630 Evergreen Way (Vietnamese) Closed Sun.  The menu is simple–banh mi, pho, vermicelli bowls, and bubble tea.  Banh mi is the most reviewed item and what gives this restaurant very high ratings (but the other items seem to be good as well). (2-2-16)

Friday Harbor

Cask and Schooner–1 Front St. (Seafood) Open Daily.  The most recommended seafood restaurant on the island.  Clam chowder, crab cakes, and steamed clams are recommended.  However, the highest rated dishes seem to be the chicken sandwich and the poutine. (2-3-16)

Golden Triangle Thai–42 1st St. (Thai) Lunch Mon-Fri; dinner daily.  Apparently there is only one Thai restaurant in FH, called Golden Triangle but listed as Thai Kitchen on some web sites.  In any case, I’m not positive about the correct address (the other one listed is in the 100 block of 1st St.) but people like the food.  Some say it is overpriced, but it seems that everything on the island is overpriced when it comes to restaurants (so just go to the places that have good reviews, such as this one). (2-3-16)

San Juan Island Cheese–155 Nichols St. (Sandwiches) Open Tue-Sat (lunch only).  This place has excellent ratings, and has just about everything covered.  You can get a snack (wine & cheese), a meal (BLT, tuna melt, salmon chowder), dessert (pumpkin cheese cake), or a picnic basket to take out.  It is pricey, but people say the cheese particularly is really worth it. (2-3-16)

Gig Harbor

Tides Tavern–2925 Harborview Dr. (American) Open Daily.  I was looking for seafood in the $$ or lower category, and this place came up.  For this price you get fish and chips, fish tacos, and chowder (all are said to be excellent).  Chicken pot pie is also said to be excellent. (2-4-16)


Cebu–9408 Martin Way E. (Filipino) Closed Sun.  Small family run place.  Food has very good reviews. (3-19-17)

Hot Ginger–1401 Marvin Rd. NE (Vietnamese) Open daily until 10 pm.  New restaurant that opened in Dec. 2015. Good reviews for the food, but sometimes not for the service. Has a large menu, but most reviews are for the pho and the more well known dishes. Some people say the pho is better at the “other” Vietnamese restaurant in town. (3-19-17)

Pattaya Thai–8640 Martin Way E (Thai) Open Daily.  Large number of good reviews.  I think it’s because they make the food spicy (when you want) and they have a great number of choices on the menu. (3-19-17)


Andreas Keller–829 Front St. (German) Open Daily.  Good for schnitzel cordon bleu, polish sausage (and other sausages), red cabbage, Russian crumble cake, and apple strudel.  However, the prices are high to the point that it gets lower ratings than the other German restaurants, and it may not be suitable for this list because of exceeding the $$ category. (4-14-16)

Bavarian Bistro–801 front St. (German) Open Daily.  Good for jager schnitzel. (4-14-16)

Munchen House–709 Front St. (German) Open Daily.  Good for bratwurst & choice of mustards. (4-14-16)


Chandara House–655 Front St. (Thai) Closed Sun.  Authentic and very good Thai food.  Pad thai, noodle dishes, and curry are recommended.  One of the real attractions here, though, is the fact that they have unusual Thai dishes that are not found at many restaurants. (4-14-16)

Dutch Mothers–405 Front St. (Dutch) Breakfast & lunch Mon-Sat; dinner Fri & Sat.  Some say the Dutch food is not all that good except for the desserts.  Breakfast, though, is a different story (there are many positive reviews about the Dutch food), and some of the breakfast dishes look as if they could pass for a dessert. (4-14-16)

Lynden Dutch Bakery–421 Front St. (Bakery) Open 7 am to 5 pm (closed Sun).  Large variety of pastries, especially Dutch desserts.  Muffins, pies, cookies, coffee cake, crepes.  Sells drinks to go with them if you want to eat in the store. (4-14-16)

Mount Vernon

Kyoto–2001 E. College Way (Japanese) Open Mon-Sat 11:30 am to 8 pm (closed from 2 to 5 pm).  Full Japanese menu restaurant that is authentic in a way that makes it delicious and very popular with customers (even those driving through who are used to very good Japanese restaurants).  Ramen, Japanese curry, katsu, tempura, and teriyaki are recommended.  Sukiyaki is said to be very authentic (and recommended).  There are good reviews for the sushi also (but this is not primarily a sushi restaurant). (2-2-16)

Skagit Valley Food Co-Op–201 S. 1st St. (Organic) Open daily 8 am to 9 pm.  In addition to being very popular with reviewers, I noticed this place because of its salads.  Probably the most memorable salad I’ve ever had (because of its freshness and flavor) was in a now closed Mt. Vernon restaurant, and I would definitely seek out other restaurants in the area for the same thing.  The food here is organic, and is not totally vegetarian, but the most popular items are vegetarian (such as the garden burger, salad, etc.).  The emphasis here is on health rather than flavor, but reviewers say in many items the flavor comes through as well.  As the name implies, this is also a grocery store. (2-2-16)


The Scotsman Bistro–11601 Harbour Pointe Blvd. (Scottish) Lunch Mon-Fri; dinner Mon-Sat.  Mukilteo has several well known upscale restaurants, but this is not one of them (I limit the number of upscale restaurants on this list).  Instead, this is mostly a pub (beer and drinks) with food that is unusually good for this type of restaurant.  This is included because the cuisine here is very underrepresented in the U.S. (and it’s part of my own heritage), and the food seems to be worth checking out.  Reviewers say there are several very good dishes here (steak pie, meat pie, wedge salad, bacon wrapped dates, chocolate ganache).  The food is reasonably priced, and reviewers say the drink selection is enough to make it worthwhile coming.  Some of the menu items appear to not be Scottish but are recommended (such as the ginger chicken curry on Fridays). (2-2-16)

Oak Harbor

Jeda’s Thai–270 SE Cabot Dr. (Thai) Closed Sun.  Good Thai.  Will prepare special requests.  Curries have good ratings. (2-3-16)

Seabolt’s–31640 SH 20 (Seafood) Open Daily.  A lot of good dishes, but the best seems to be the clam chowder. (2-3-16)

Tamayo’s–800 SE Pioneer Parkway (Lao) Open daily 11 am to 8 pm.  Lao restaurant that also serves Vietnamese food (this is the best seller, and many say they have the best pho in Washington).  Lao sausage, Lao curry, and crepes are recommended. (2-3-16)


Anthony’s–1675 Marine Dr. NE (Seafood) Open Daily.  Reviews are mixed, but I attribute this to high expectations.  I had good food, and I think the fish is good.  I like plain fish without much on it, and this is a good place for it. (3-19-17)

Dockside Bistro–501 Columbia St. NW (New American) Lunch Tue-Sat; dinner Tue-Sun.  Mostly a seafood restaurant.  I tend not to like seafood too “fancy” (as they do here, with a lot of sauces and extras to jazz it up), but it sounds as if they do it right in this place.  According to reviews the food is hit or miss, but when it is a hit it is really a hit (so it’s worth taking a shot). (3-19-17)

Narai Asian Cuisine–320 4th Ave. E. (Thai) Closed Mon.  Authentic Thai (not like the sweet stuff I find all over WA). (3-19-17)

Tugboat Annie’s–2100 West Bay Dr. NW (American) Open Daily.  Another good seafood place that also has burgers and other items. This is less expensive than Anthony’s, and mainly serves sandwiches, fish and chips, etc. (but reviewers do not recommend the chowder). (3-19-17)


El Antojito–1915 W. Court St. (Mexican) Open Daily.  Authentic style food. One reviewer found the mole here to be the best they have found outside of Mexico. (3-19-17)

Mi Hacienda–404 W. Lewis St. (Mexican) Open Daily.  The only restaurant I have found in the US that serves Colima style Mexican food.  Seafood specialties along with a unique style of green enchiladas (made with green chile and sour cream). (3-19-17)

Note: Pasco is full of Mexican restaurants, and most have a reputation of being very good (I found Mi Hacienda to be very good).  When faced with such an overwhelming number of choices my strategy was to go to a Mexican market and ask the people there for recommendations (that is, if you want real Mexican food and not Gringo food).

Port Angeles

Michael’s–117 E. 1st St. (Seafood) Dinner only (open daily).  Upscale seafood–good reviews.  Desserts are somewhat disappointing, though.  Also some say the food is just as good at some cheaper restaurants. (2-3-16)

Pho New Saigon–2365 E. Hwy 101 (Vietnamese) Closed Mon.  Pho and a number of other dishes, tasting the way they should. (2-4-16)

Sabai Thai–903 W. 8th St. (Thai) Closed Sun (Yelp says open for dinner only).  Has pad prik king, so I think I would like it.  Some say try the halibut. (2-3-16)

Port Townsend

Banana Leaf–609 Washington St. (Thai) Closed Wed.  Plig king, pad thai. (2-16-17)

Blue Moose–311 Haines Pl. (American) Open daily (breakfast & lunch only).  Very popular for breakfast. (2-16-17)


Pho T&N–16989 7th Ave. NE (Vietnamese) Closed Sun.  Seems to be the most highly rated Asian restaurant in town–food is the “real deal.” (2-16-17)

Tizley’s Europub–18928 Front St. NE (German) Open daily (serves breakfast).  Reviews are very good for schnitzel and sausage, and they are said to be authentic by reviewers.  Norwegian food is also on the menu, but I don’t see any reviews for it (available for breakfast and lunch/dinner). (2-16-17)


Minh’s Bakery–102 NW Stadium Way (Chinese) Open Daily.  Reviewers say the off the menu items here are the best authentic Asian food in Pullman. (2-16-17)

Note: Minh’s also owns Iron Wok in Moscow, ID

Old European Breakfast House–455 S. Grand (Danish) Open daily (breakfast & lunch only).  Complimentary aebelskivers given to first time visitors. (2-16-17)


Dynasty–380 E. Washington St. (Chinese) Closed Mon.  Hand shaved noodles are the main authentic dish here.  The American style dishes, though, all have good reviews. (2-4-16)

Los Cabos–1250 W. Washington St. (Mexican) Open Daily.  Described by many as the most authentic Mexican restaurant in this part of the state.  One reason is that they pay attention to the little things, such as serving crispy taco shells that they fry themselves (instead of coming out of a box).  Enchiladas have actual Mexican style green sauce (or you can get red, which appears to be more Americanized, but I am only judging by the photos). (2-4-16)

Oak Table–292 W. Bell St. (American) Open daily 7 am to 3 pm.  Popular at breakfast–on the upscale side with big portions.  Omelet, quiche, crepes, pancakes, etc. (2-4-16)

Sawadee–271 S. 7th Ave. (Thai) Closed Wed (and closed 3 to 4:30 pm).  This seems to be the best choice in town for authentic Asian food.  Curries and basil chicken are popular. (2-4-16)


Xinh’s–221 W. Railroad Ave. (Asian seafood).  Specializes in local seafood.  Seafood, curry are examples of the Asian styles served. (1-2-16)


Nattamit–9001 Pacific Ave. NW (Thai) Closed Sat & Sun (and closes early–6 or 7 pm).  Good Thai in an area where it is mostly American style.  Panang curry and pad thai are recommended. (2-4-16)


Gordy’s Sichuan–501 E. 30th Ave. (Sichuanese) Closed Sun, Mon, & Sat lunch.  For authentic food, you can get off-menu recommendations from the staff. (2-16-17)

Mizuna–214 N. Howard St. (New American) Closed Sun lunch.  Many say this is the best food in Spokane.  Trout, pork, carrot cake.  Specializes in vegetarian dishes.  Has quite a few unusual (international) dishes. (2-16-17)

Old European Breakfast House–7640 N. Division St. (Danish) Open daily (breakfast and lunch only).  Aebelskivers (these also come on a sampler plate).  Most people come for breakfast–I don’t see very much mentioned about lunch. (2-16-17)

Phonthip Style Thai–1006 E. Francis Ave. (Thai) Closed Sun.  Authentic & flavorful. (2-16-17)


Fujiya–1125 Court C (Japanese) Closed Sun (and closed from 2 to 5 pm).  A full menu Japanese restaurant (as opposed to the many sushi or teriyaki restaurants in the area).  Best dish here may be the ramen. (1-2-16)

Indochine–1924 Pacific Ave. (Thai) Closed Mon.  I ate at the location in Federal Way and found it to be a good Thai restaurant (and both locations are very popular). (1-2-16)

Mitapeap–1314 72nd St. E (Cambodian) Closed Mon & Tue.  Authentic Cambodian food.  Noodle dishes are the specialty, but people recommend a wide variety of items.  I would say this has more authentic Asian food than Indochine, but the down sides to Mitapeap include a more hole in the wall atmosphere, the fact that some customers do not seem to get the spice level they want, and some say that they were expecting a lunch menu and did not get one (although I don’t recall Indochine having a lunch menu or at least significantly lower prices at lunch).  In any case, there is not a clear winner for Asian food–just different options. (1-2-16)

MSM Deli–2220 6th Ave. (Sandwiches) Open Daily.  From looking at the reviews, these must be the best sandwiches in the State of Washington.  However, the wait can be long sometimes. (1-2-16)

Pho King–1020 Martin Luther King Jr Way (Vietnamese) Closed Sun (closes at 8 pm other days).  Normally I think there are better things on the menu than pho and bahn mi sandwiches, but reviewers say they are so good here that they are must tries.  Many varieties of pho are available (including vegetarian).  For sandwiches pork is the most recommended. (1-2-16)

Stanley & Seafort’s–115 E. 34th St. (Seafood) Open Daily.  Upscale food that’s a little expensive, but you get a great view of the harbor (and I do think it’s worth getting seafood as much as possible in the Pacific NW). (1-2-16)

Vuelve A La Vida–5310 Pacific Ave. (Mexican).  A lot of places in the PNW claim to be authentic, but reviewers of this place are pretty convincing that it really is (the food is prepared as it would be in Mexico).  Recommended items include the tacos (including the fish tacos), tamales made in house, posole, carnitas, and pollo a la crema.  Some say the mole is not very flavorful, but the fact that they offer something like this would make me want to try it. Chile relleno (Thurs. only) is popular with patrons. (1-2-16)

Union Gap

Los Hernandez–3706 Main St. (Mexican) Open daily (closes at 6:00 pm except 7 on Sat).  Tamales (most people like the asparagus and cheese tamales). (3-19-17)


Abhiruchi–233 NE Chkalov Dr. (Indian) Closed Sun (and closed between 2:30 and 5:00 pm).  The standard for Vancouver restaurants seems to be that they are as good as the ones in Portland.  This one, though, may be even better. (12-9-15)

Farrar’s Bistro–12514 NW 36th Ave. (American) Closed Sun.  Wild caught salmon, chicken pot pie, and probably some other items that are just as good. (12-9-15)

Thai Little Home–3214 E. Fourth Plain Blvd. (Thai) Open daily except Sun lunch.  Most people seem to think this is the best Thai in Vancouver (and it is hard to do better in Portland).  Lemongrass chicken is one of the most recommended dishes, but a lot of the dishes are popular. (12-9-15)

Thai Terrace–700 SE Chkalov Dr. (Thai) Open Daily.  Good Thai, but some dishes are better than others.  Reviewers like pad thai, curries, and peanut sauce. (12-9-15)

Walla Walla

Ming Court–1533 E. Isaacs Ave. (Chinese) Closed Mon.  The place to go if you don’t want Chinese food with MSG. My impression, though, is that you’d be better off with Thai food. (2-16-17)

Thai Ploy–311 S. 9th Ave. (Thai).  May be the most authentic Thai in WW, but people also like Bangkok 103 at 44 N. College Ave. (2-16-17)

Whitehouse-Crawford–55 W. Cherry St. (Northwest) Dinner only (closed Tue).  A highly regarded wine country restaurant. (2-16-17)


Inna’s Cuisine–26 N. Wenatchee Ave. (Ukranian) Closed Sun & Mon.  Everything here gets good reviews–the food, the service, the setting, and the price. (2-16-17)

VN Pho–1010 Springwater Ave. (Vietnamese) Closed Sun.  Highest rated Asian restaurant in Wenatchee (they say the food is very good). (2-16-17)


Antonjitos Mexicanos–3512 Summitview Ave. (Mexican) Closed Sun night & Mon.  Authentic–chile verde and pozole are good.  One of the best features is the variety of salsas.  Some say the tacos are not the thing to get here (go to Tacos Los Primos instead). (3-19-17)

Bamboo Thai–306 S. 1st St. (Thai) Open daily 11 am to 9 pm.  Reviewers like almost everything, but some say the pad thai is not as impressive as other dishes. Tom kha soup, pad kee mao and curries are recommended. (3-19-17)


Notes About This List:

This is a “master list” of restaurants that I have seen on the Internet or other sources and would like to try, or that I think would be of interest to others.  I do not mean for this to be an exhaustive list of every good place to eat, but it should represent a good sample of the most interesting or unique restaurants, along with a few that best represent an area’s regional cuisine.  My own recommendations are in Bold.

I am not looking to include:

  • Fine dining (unless they are unique because of regional specialties)
  • Low end restaurants that are popular with locals but may not be of much interest to travelers or people in general (everyone will have to use their judgment on this one)

Extra consideration for the following:

  • The food is organic, fresh, healthy, or farm to table
  • The restaurant serves a relatively hard to find type of ethnic food and reviews are good

In addition to the regular guidelines I try to include:

  • The best Asian restaurants in the area even if they are not totally authentic
  • Particularly good Mexican restaurants (this usually means the food is from a particular state in Mexico or it is one of the best examples of a U.S. regional style)

Please feel free to leave your own comments or suggestions.



Chowhound (Washington)

City-Data (Spokane)

City-Data (Vancouver)

Tao of Chow (Bremerton)

Trip Advisor (Washington) (former web site which I used for preliminary research)

Yelp (Washington)

Zomato (Spokane)

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