Pho Can Tho–Tucson, AZ

Phở Cần Thơ
2746 N. Campbell Ave.
(520) 849-6317
Pho Can Tho

Pho Can Tho

Pho Can Tho is situated in an area where an ethnic restaurant seems to be located on every corner, most of them being Asian. Therefore I had high expectations about the authenticity of the food. The menu had a good list of my favorite items other than the fact that they didn’t have lemongrass chicken. Overall this seemed to be a good place to get Vietnamese food.

The Food

Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo

One of my favorite items, Banh Xeo, was on the menu so it did not take long to make my choice. Sometimes called a ”Vietnamese pancake,” the crepes are made with rice and turmeric powder, while pork and shrimp are stuffed inside. This was an excellent example of all of these items.

Also included was a stack of green herbs, but the minty herb had a flavor that was very different and tasted a little strong to me. It was missing the cucumber that I have found to be served at almost every restaurant, but I have read articles that indicate that these are not usually included in the authentic version of the dish. I was wanting the cucumbers but I am always glad to try dishes that are representative of their country of origin.

I also learned something about the dish courtesy of the waiter, which was how to eat it without making a mess. The secret is to cut the pancake into smaller pieces, wrap each one with the lettuce which is always served, and dip it in the fish sauce. The messy way tastes just as good but I was glad I came to a place that is dedicated to keeping Vietnam’s food tradition and helping customers understand it.

The flavor of the crepes and lack of any noticeable oil or grease was quite impressive.

They have several Asian style drinks including the hot jasmine tea I ordered.

Overall Assessment
The neighborhood is just north of the University and to me looks like a goldmine of ethnic eating places. This restaurant had a fair number of customers but most of the orders were takeout or delivery. If you want to come here but are concerned about a lack of cars parked outside, I would say come in. The food and the service are both good.

The restaurant is somewhat bare bones and this is not fine dining, but I have rarely had a Vietnamese crepe cooked this well.

Cuisine: Vietnamese
Cost: $$
Hours: Closed Wed..
Most Recent Visit: May. 6, 2024
Number of Visits: 1
Best Items: Banh Xeo


Asian Food Details
Tea: Jasmine tea and various Asian drinks
Buffet: No


Special Ratings
star 5 Banh Xeo

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