Magic Bistro–El Paso, TX

Magic Bistro
5034 Doniphan Dr.
El Paso, TX
(915) 833-2121
Magic Bistro entrance

Magic Bistro in the Marketplace at Placita Santa Fe

Magic Bistro is a prominent part of El Paso’s upscale food scene, a trend that seems to have exploded in recent years. Its predecessor, The Magic Pan, operated at this location for a number of years and was one of the pioneers of the city’s upscale eateries that were at the same time casual and not in a country club or private club setting.

Its location in the Marketplace at Placita Santa Fe has historically been a place to find arts and antiques, and as long as I can remember has been anchored by restaurants with the word “Magic” in them. The Placita seems to me very much like a calm respite from the surrounding urban life, and is one of the benefits of coming here.

The daily blackboard menu

The daily blackboard menu

The setup of the restaurant is a little unusual, but it reflects the quirkiness of the Placita. The photo at the top of this page shows the entrance to the Marketplace, inside of which are the restaurant and several shops. The restaurant is directly behind the main entrance, but before you enter the building there is a reception desk on the patio with the daily specials written on a blackboard. There are times when the restaurant is busy enough that you would need to get on the waiting list for a table, but normally you either sit on the patio or go inside to the second reception area. Most people seem to prefer the indoor area, and there has been adequate space the times I have gone.

When I refer to Magic Bistro as upscale it means the food. Dress can be very casual if you wish, and historically when I have gone here or to the Magic Pan it has been in combination with a shopping trip within the Placita or at nearby stores (and many times to the nursery on Lindbergh Avenue).

Magic Bistro is mostly a lunch restaurant (it opens at 11 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday). It is open for dinner Friday and Saturday, for which there is a separate menu. I have not gone at dinner, but one thing I notice is that two people can split any plate and get an extra order of side items for $6 (I think the lunch offers a similar offer for $3).


Tuna salad sandwich

Half tuna salad sandwich

Sandwiches are Magic Bistro’s “bread and butter” (so to speak), and are the largest part of the lunch menu. Normally I am not much of a sandwich person, but the sandwiches here are very good, and there is a wide choice of items to go with it.

When I tried the Tuna Salad Sandwich it was on a half-soup, half-sandwich plate, which also came with a side item. I thought the price was good, and it met my criteria for being an excellent tuna salad sandwich (I do not know what was in it, only that the flavor was very good).

Pork tenderloin sandwich

Pork tenderloin sandwich

The Pork Tenderloin Sandwich is another popular choice because of the fact that the restaurant smokes its own meats. It also shows the restaurant’s propensity for spicy food due to its chipotle raspberry sauce. This did not quite have the spiciness of New Mexico chile, but it was well above the spice level I have found at most barbecue restaurants (however this was more of a barbecue fusion dish because of the sauce).

I found the flavor of the sauce a little disappointing and gave it a lower rating than the tuna salad sandwich because of this, but the quality was good. The rating is based solely on my personal taste.


Potato and green chile soup

Potato and green chile soup

Many of the soups are spicy as well, such as it was with the Potato and Green Chile Soup. Magic Bistro has a house soup (chicken tlalpeño, which itself is made with chipotle). Any other soup choices (including the potato soup) are the soup of the day, and these tend to follow the theme of Southwestern cuisine. I thought the potato and green chile soup was excellent, and I would say that for people from El Paso the spiciness level of this soup would be well within what most would consider to be normal parameters (as in most places, people here do not like it too spicy).

Fish soup

Fish soup

The other soup I have tried here was the Fish Soup, made with tilapia and vegetables. This one was not spicy, and was served on a day when I was trying to recover from an illness and the flavor and substance was able to completely hit the spot with me. Possibly because of the circumstance I considered this to be better than the potato soup. This was another soup of the day, though, so I do not know how often it is available.

Side Dishes
All sandwiches, wraps, and half-soup half-sandwich combinations come with a side dish (these are not listed on the menu but seem to be the same all the time). Both of the ones I have tried have been good, and there is enough choice to pick something that seems to fit (such as Potato Salad with what was essentially a barbecue sandwich).

The Tabouli I ordered as a side dish with the tuna salad sandwich was a good choice as well.

Other Comments
Another nice feature of this restaurant is the drinks. There are some interesting ones such as Pellegrino water. I liked the iced tea not so much for being better than at other restaurants, but for being less expensive (it is $2 here while many restaurants are charging fifty cents to a dollar more than this).

The lunch menu is limited to sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, burgers, pasta, or quiche. Still, the way they let you combine a soup and salad with a choice of side dish, gives a good variety of items.

Dinner looks like it has more interesting choices, but it is only available on weekends. I am assuming that since lunch impressed me, dinner would be even more of a special treat.


Cuisine: New American
Cost: $$
Hours: Lunch Tue-Sun; Dinner Fri & Sat
Accessible: Yes
Smoking: No smoking
Alcohol: Beer and Wine

Most Recent Visit: May 7, 2019
Number of Visits: 2
Best Items: Tuna Salad Sandwich, Fish Soup

Special Ratings
star 4 Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
star 5 Tuna Salad Sandwich
star 5 Fish Soup
star 5 Potato Soup with Green Chile
star 4 Tabouli

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