Sweetery Eatery–Oklahoma City, OK

Sweetery Eatery (Closed)
12301 N. May Ave.
Oklahoma City, OK
Cuisine: Sandwiches
Hours: Lunch only (closed Sun.)

The Sweetery Eatery is a small sandwich and lunch restaurant, but is probably best known for the “sweet” side of the menu. So far the bakery items are the only portion of the restaurant’s offerings I have tried, but I think they are well worth mentioning.

Lemon bar

Lemon bar

The Lemon Bar had just about every feature I could hope for in a good dessert. First of all was the powdered sugar which was satisfying not only in terms of flavor but also because of its texture. The bar had a subtle lemon flavor that seemed more natural than artificially flavored, and all in all this sweet concoction really hit the spot.

Key lime tart

Key lime tart

The Key Lime Tart looked more interesting visually, but I was a little bit less impressed with it in terms of flavor. The lime flavor was possibly a little bit too subtle, and for me it did not come through as much as the lemon flavor had done in the lemon bar. The rest of it, though, was an excellent combination of textures and flavors.

Of course there is much more to sample, but this was a very good start. It seemed that the desserts here were about as good as anywhere I have tried.

Sweetery Eatery is open until 6:00 p.m. weekdays and 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, and serves both lunch and brunch. Of course, what I can recommend from first hand experience is some goodies to either eat there or to take home.



Cuisine: Sandwiches
Cost: $

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Best Items: Desserts

Special Ratings

star 5 Lemon Bar
star 4 Key Lime Tart

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