Sachiko Sushi–Tucson, AZ

Sachiko Sushi
1101 N. Wilmot Rd
Tucson, AZ
(520) 886-7000
Sachiko Sushi on Wilmot

Sachiko Sushi on Wilmot

Sachiko Sushi has two locations in Tucson, and there does not seem to be much that distinguish them outwardly from the dozens of Japanese and sushi restaurants in town. However I had seen an article on Tucson Foodie indicating that this category of cuisine had a number of good restaurants and I wanted to check some of them out. This particular restaurant was near where I was staying and the food was good enough to bring me back for a total of three visits.

Sachiko's sushi bar

Sachiko’s sushi bar

On all of my visits I was surprised by the number of customers who were there. The restaurant itself was quite large and reminded me of some of the more popular Asian restaurants in Seattle.

The sushi bar looked busy but I did not try any of these items.

The Food

Tokyo style ramen

Tokyo style ramen

The best dish I tried here was the Tokyo Style Ramen. The waitress told me this was the best ramen when I asked for suggestions, and one thing I value at a restaurant is advice which I can trust (as I received here). This had a very flavorful and sophisticated broth that I thought was west coast quality. The meat had a similar high quality, with noodles being the largest portion of the soup’s contents. This  was one of the best meals I have had in Tucson.

Tonkotsu seafood ramen

Tonkotsu seafood ramen

The Tonkotsu Seafood Ramen had an even better broth that I would say was the same quality as ones I have had on the west coast. However I was not a big fan of the seafood, some of which seemed to have been frozen somewhere along their journey to the Southwest desert. I have the same issue with almost all El Paso restaurants and this is why I usually do not order seafood. At Sachiko, though, this is the only choice if you want Tonkotsu.

Tempura udon

Tempura udon with shrimp and vegetable tempura

The Tempura Udon was flavorful and is a dish I frequently order. The broth was good. I do not know whether the shrimp had been frozen but it was good and I did not have any complaints. It was hot fried to the crispy state that I had with the tempura at Kukai, and I liked Kukai’s better. I was happy with the one here though–especially because there was a dipping sauce for the fried shrimp and vegetables.

Although this dish had several good points I was disappointed that they did not have any sansho pepper to put in the broth. The soup was flavorful but could have been more so if this pepper had been available.

Miso soup can be ordered separately

Miso soup

The Miso Soup was excellent and I think is well worth ordering.

Hot Green Tea is available. When you need a refill they come around and give you more.

Overall Assessment
There is also a Korean section of the menu and I suspect this may be where some of the best dishes can be found. The Japanese food seemed to be pretty solid, though–especially the miso and some of the ramens.

Cuisine: Japanese & Korean
Cost: $$
Hours: Open Daily
Alcohol: Full Bar
Most Recent Visit: May. 8, 2024
Number of Visits: 3
Best Items: Tokyo Style Ramen, Tonkotsu Seafood Ramen, Miso


Asian Food Details
Tea: Green tea (brewed)
Buffet: No



Special Ratings
star 5 Tokyo Style Ramen
star 5 Tonkotsu Seafood Ramen
star 4 Tempura Udon
star 5 Miso Soup

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