Pinnacle Peak–Tucson, AZ

Pinnacle Peak
6541 E. Tanque Verde Rd.
Tucson, AZ
(520) 296-0911
Pinnacle Peak Restaurant in the Western themed Trail Dust Town

Pinnacle Peak

In my mind one of the definitions of a tourist trap would be a steak restaurant in an old western themed group of buildings complete with mock gunfights and actors showing their roping skills. This is not even to mention the train replica that is popular with the kids. It did somewhat bring back the vibe of an old west town, with the sheriff and other uniformed actors inviting patrons to the upcoming outdoor shows.

Trail Dust Town

Western themed Trail Dust Town features gunfights and roping exhibitions

The surprise, though, is that the shows and surrounding old west town did not jack up the price of the food nor diminish its quality. Patrons walk down one of the town’s streets to get to the restaurant, and there are plenty of the town’s “residents” to direct you. Once there I found what turned out to be a legit steakhouse that serves chicken and baby back ribs in addition to an array of steak cuts.

The Restaurant
The restaurant has a large dining room that looks like it could feed a large portion of Tucson. When the old west style town was built it was outside the built up area of town and meant as a destination visit for families. It still provides a respite from the urban pace but to me it was quite surprising that such a place existed in this location.

Ties hung from the ceiling

Neckties hung from the ceiling

One of Pinnacle Peak’s hallmarks is that men are not allowed to wear ties here. Those who do are subject to having it cut off and displayed from the rafters of the dining room. Some people are said to wear ties they want to discard in hopes that it will become part of the colorful display from the ceiling.

The Sides

Complimentary bread

Complimentary bread

Bread arrives automatically upon being seated so the process of quelling a patron’s hunger can begin.

Beans come with the meals

Enough beans to serve the table and take some home

Beans come with all dinners. The menu says you can get baked beans or cowboy beans but I was never given the choice and I don’t know which was served to our table.

Salad comes with meals

Salad with ranch dressing

Every dinner also comes with a Salad. Mine was fresh and delicious with an excellent dressing.


New York Strip

New York Strip

I do not know why, but there are two categories of steaks on the menu, Cowboy Steaks and Mesquite Grilled Steaks. When I saw a New York Strip listed on the mesquite grilled menu, though, I knew I needed to look no further. It turned out that I was not disappointed with the choice. The restaurant’s web site says nothing about the steaks being aged or any other modern cooking method, but it does say since the restaurant opened in 1962 it has found the mesquite smoked flavor to be very popular. To me it brought out the kind of flavor I remember from when my dad cooked steaks on the backyard patio grill, and the meat quality was very good as well. I thought this was the star attraction of a very enjoyable meal.

Things to Know
You can come for the restaurant, the attractions, or both. Iy is meant to be an attraction for the entire family.

Except for the necktie shtick this is like any normal restaurant. Also, of course, you have the sheriff or other officials come around and invite you to the live shows just outside the front door.

All of the food I had was good to excellent–not a tourist trap type of place.


Cuisine: Steakhouse
Cost: $$$
Hours: Open daily (dinner only)
Smoking: No smoking
Alcohol: Full Bar

Most Recent Visit: May 5, 2024
Number of Visits: 1
Best Item: New York Strip, Salad

Special Ratings
star 5 New York Strip
star 5 Salad
star 4 Beans

2 thoughts on “Pinnacle Peak–Tucson, AZ

  1. Several years ago there was a Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse in Scottsdale. Food Network stars Bobby Filet and Michael Symon raved about it, but I thought it was too kitschy with all its pseudo Western theme.

    The first time I saw neckties hung from the ceiling was at Muddy Waters in Saint Louis. It didn’t impress me then and it didn’t impress me at Pinnacle Peak.

    I’m glad you had a better experience than we did.

    • Hi Gil,
      Yes, I really agree with you about the kitsch. I did enjoy the steak, though, and I thought the prices were not jacked up because of the kitsch. One of my dining companions said I gave a too high rating for the salad but I enjoyed it as well. As infrequently as I order steak I would have preferred a higher end steakhouse but I was really pretty satisfied with Pinnacle Peak.

      One of my earliest trips to Tucson was in 1976 when I stayed with my family in the old Eldorado Hotel across the street from Pinnacle Peak. To me Pinnacle Peak seems like a relic from 1970’s Tucson and I at least appreciated this aspect of it. Maybe people could consider it a tourist trap, though.

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