Oklahoma City News 2021

Oklahoma City News 2021

This is to fill in items that I am not able to include in the reviews and to update restaurant information after my latest visit.

Oct. 9, 2021 Goro Ramen: Many people already know that Goro Ramen moved to 3000 Paseo and is now Goro Ramen and Izakaya (with an expanded menu). What is fairly recent news, though, is that the old restaurant at N.W. 16th and Blackwelder, which originally became Tori Tori, is now Ma Der Lao KItchen (serving Laotian food). I have read that their fried chicken is already being acclaimed as some of the best in OKC.

Sep. 27, 2021 Phoenix Asian Cuisine (Piedmont, OK):
This is a new Chinese restaurant in Piedmont at 318 Edmond Rd. NE (Location on Google Maps). There is a a large menu of sushi items and it also has the classic Americanized Chinese food. However, the comments on Google Maps indicate that the chef here is Eric from the old Grand Village on N.W. 23rd St. in Oklahoma City, which was one of the city’s first authentic Chinese restaurants, serving traditional style Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisine. I don’t have a copy of Phoenix’s menu, but it apparently lists many of the same items that were at Grand Village. Apparently they also have specials that are not on the menu and these are items that Chinese food lovers will really like. There was a long list of items I liked at Grand Village, but some of my favorites included 7-Hour Spare Ribs, Shredded Pork with Preserved Vegetables, Salty Fish Fried Rice, and Fish Maw Soup. On some of my reviews I commented that perhaps the best seafood restaurants in OKC are the Chinese restaurants, and now it looks as if Piedmont will have its share of good seafood as well.

Sep. 27, 2021 Olde Orchard (Yukon, OK):
This is the Olde Orchard that was in Bethany, OK, but moved to Yukon in Nov. 2020. Its new address is 326 Elm Ave. (a block south of Route 66). I am a big fan of many of their items including the Stew, Breaded Pork Loin, Peach Cobbler, and Dutch Apple Pie. In Bethany the restaurant had daily specials that I tried to memorize and come on the right day to get them, but at my age keeping all this information in my head is no easy task. I always found something good, though, even if I missed some of the specials I wanted to try. Some of them are posted on their Facebook page, though, and that should make it easier.

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