Let’s Do Greek–Oklahoma City, OK

Let’s Do Greek
7202 W. Hefner Rd.
Oklahoma City, OK
(405) 603-4444
Lets Do Greek

Lets Do Greek on Hefner Rd.

Let’s Do Greek had been operating in Edmond for a number of years before it moved to its present location in far northwest Oklahoma City. Along with the move has been a greater emphasis on its popular food truck, with the restaurant restricting its hours so that the owners can devote the time necessary to their mobile location. The times I went to the restaurant it was only open in the evening Monday through Friday. The restaurant’s web site indicates that it opens for lunch during the winter, but still keeps the Monday to Friday schedule.

Much of the menu is well suited for a food truck, and includes a large number of sandwiches and fast food type of meals. Many customers also come to the restaurant for meals to take home (as I have done), and doing so does give you more choices than are available in the food truck. It makes sense, though, that much of the year the food truck serves lunch while dinner is available at the restaurant.

The type of food served is also interesting. The husband is originally from Venezuela and the wife is from Iran. They have added items from both of these cuisines to make it more interesting, but the core of the menu is still Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. The specialty of the restaurant seems to be gyros, and on line comments seem to indicate that this is the most popular item.

Suvlakia Chicken

Suvlakia chicken

Suvlakia chicken

So far the Suvlakia Chicken has been my favorite item, and I think this compares very favorably to the various Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants in town. The sauce was very good, the seasoning was perfect, but most of all I enjoyed the chicken.

At the Edmond restaurant the Suvlakia chicken also came on a sandwich or in a salad (now only the salad option is available). The “Let’s Do Bigger Plates” option is still available, and is the one shown in the photo (the plate comes with a Greek salad and a choice of rice). I also think this is less expensive than similar items at other restaurants.

Gyros Bowl

Gyros bowl

Gyros bowl

For me it is hard to compare the Gyros Bowl with the Suvlakia chicken, but I thought the gyros was good as well. The gyros bowl is often served as a daily special, and when this is the case it becomes particularly attractive as a meal choice. I thought the meat was quite good, and the grilled pita was a nice touch.

Chicken Arepa

Chicken arepa

Chicken arepa

Chicken Arepa is a Venezuelan dish, but the one here is served with an excellent tzitziki sauce which I think may make it better than many others (the chicken was excellent also). I did not care a whole lot for the shell, and I found myself still being hungry after ordering this as a meal (other items that come on a bed of rice are better for satisfying my hunger). It is very tasty, though, and would make a good lunch or smaller dinner meal.

Curry Chicken Stew

Curry chicken stew

Curry chicken stew

When I found out that the Curry Chicken Stew was a Persian dish I had to order it, and when I found out how good it tastes I had to go back to order it again. This also definitely gets my seal of approval, especially with the Dill Rice shown in the photo. The curry is not spicy like Indian or Thai curries, but does have a rich mixture of spices.

Greek Salad

Greek salad

Greek salad

The Greek Salad is available as a menu item, and also comes with the dinners on the “Let’s Do Bigger Plates” menu. My salad came with a mix of lettuce greens, tomatoes, kalamata olives, peppers, feta, and a house Greek vinaigrette. Although it was very good, I think those primarily looking for a salad would find a better choice at the Middle Eastern restaurants such as Nunu’s.

Compared to the old Edmond restaurant the new place is more of a fast food style eatery. The food is the same it has always been, though, and there is even a limited menu available from the food truck. The greatest limitation of the new restaurant (apart from the location which is good for some and not so good for others) is the fact that it has limited hours while the food truck is operating (mostly in the summer).

One piece of advice I would definitely give is to look at the “specials” board if you are budget-conscious.

There is not a great selection of their Iranian and Venezuelan dishes, but they are definitely worth a try. I especially like the curry chicken stew (a Persian dish).


Cuisine: Greek
Cost: $$
Hours: Open Mon-Fri (dinner only). Note: has lunch hours in winter
Accessible: Yes
Smoking: No smoking

Most Recent Visit: May 23, 2017
Number of Visits: 4
Best Items: Suvlakia Chicken, Curry Chicken Stew


Special Ratings
star 5 Suvlakia Chicken
star 5 Chicken Curry Stew
star 5 Gyros Bowl
star 4 Grilled Chicken Arepa

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