Le Rendez-vous–Las Cruces, NM

Le Rendez-vous Cafe
2701 W. Picacho Ave.
Las Cruces, NM
(575) 527-0098
Le Rendez-Vous

Le Rendez-Vous

I will admit that I like almost any kind of dessert, but I also recognize those which stand out as being a special treat (as the ones here do). Le Rendez-vous is a cafe which serves sandwiches and French dishes such as quiche (it serves breakfast and lunch every day except Monday). It seems to be competing with A Bite of Belgium on the food items, although the people at A Bite of Belgium actually recommended Le Rendez-vous to me when they did not have the dessert items I wanted.

Almond crescent

Almond crescent

The bakery items at Le Rendez-vous are definitely on the expensive side but also very rich so that they go a long way. They do have some items, though, which are less rich and less expensive, such as the Almond Crescent. I just think of these items as ones which I can eat all at once, but even the crescent was one that was so good I wanted to save some for a later time. It is not terribly sweet, but the chocolate, nuts, dough, and almond paste filling make a very nice treat.

Lemon tarte

Lemon tarte

The Lemon Tarte was my favorite of the items I tried, and also the one I cut into the smallest pieces to make it last a long time. This had a strawberry filling, coconut sprinkled on the sides, and a lemon topping. The balance between a sweet and tart flavor was quite nice, and I was a little surprised about putting lemon and strawberry flavors together (but it really worked).

Cream puff

Cream puff

The Cream Puff also had a strawberry filling, but more than the tarte and it included whole strawberries. The cream was very rich, and I also thought this was an excellent pastry.

If you come here I think the hardest part is choosing what to buy (they all seem to be excellent). The lemon tarte, though, was one I initially was not going to choose but was recommended by the staff. This tells me that you probably will do all right by following the employees’ recommendations.


Cuisine: Cafe & bakery
Cost: N/A

Most Recent Visit: Dec. 27, 2017

Number of Visits: 1

Best Items: Lemon Tarte, Cream Puff

Special Ratings

star 5 Lemon Tarte
star 5 Cream Puff
star 5 Almond Crescent

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