Hatch Chiles at Crest (2016)–Oklahoma City, OK

This notice is being given to customers at Crest Grocery Store in Oklahoma City for Hatch chiles:

Hatch chiles

Hatch chiles available at Crest Grocery

Store 6 (highlighted in yellow) is the one at N. Rockwell and Hefner. For two stores it is already too late, but others will have them for sale either this week or next.

The Crest web site lists the following addresses for these stores:

No. 6 — 11120 N. Rockwell

No. 7 — 10601 S. May Ave.

No. 2 — 249 N. Douglas (Midwest City)

No. 4 — 1315 N. Eastern (Moore)

No. 5 — 4503 N.W. 23rd St.

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