El Paso Dedicates the New Streetcar Maintenance and Storage Facility

Dedication ceremony

Dedication of the El Paso Streetcar Maintenance Facility

On June 21, 2018 many El Paso residents and government employees came together to celebrate the opening of the Streetcar Maintenance and Storage Facility at 601 S. Santa Fe Street in El Paso. The facility houses two service bays for the fleet of modernized streetcars that will soon be traveling on two loops in central El Paso.

Streetcar Routes

The Downtown Loop will make a loop north on Santa Fe Street and returning south on Kansas Street. The Uptown Loop, which connects with the Downtown Loop on Franklin Avenue, travels north on Stanton Street to the Kern Place District and returns south on Oregon Street.

El Paso's first new streetcar

El Paso’s streetcars will soon be ready to make their first run

The new streetcars are actually some of the original old cars from the 1960’s which are being refurbished in Pennsylvania and made ready to once again travel the streets of El Paso. For a number of years the hulks of the old streetcars were sitting in the desert at the El Paso Airport waiting for some ultimate fate, and I am glad to see that some of them will have a good outcome. The first streetcar service is scheduled for late 2018.

The streetcar routes will connect a number of restaurants in the revitalized and growing restaurant scene in downtown El Paso and the UTEP/Kern Place area north of downtown. Soon I might be able to say that some of the restaurants on this blog will have a special feature of “Streetcar Access.”

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