Diner Week

For those who are always happy to find good leads about diners they would like to try, the web site Extra Crispy has given us food for thought (so to speak) by publishing the article “50 of America’s Best Diners” (one in every state) which came out this week as the lead article for “Diner Week.” I felt very honored to be asked to contribute to the article, and my choice was Johnnie’s Grill in El Reno, OK. Each writer was asked to pick their favorite diner, and it certainly seems to have resulted in a very good list of diners around the country.

In honor of Diner Week I have added reviews of some of my favorite diners on this blog.  Of course this includes Johnnie’s Grill, and also of note is the H&H Car Wash in El Paso (which is a very well known Mexican style diner where you can eat while your car gets washed).  I will add some others as time permits.

I encourage readers to check out the Extra Crispy web site, which has interesting and well researched articles on breakfast, diners, and food in general.